4 Tips for Tech-Savvy Families to Stay Connected

Stay connected with these tips.

4 Tips for Tech-Savvy Families to Stay Connected

Stay connected with these tips.

It’s NOT over. Give hope to kids with cancer

Together, we can turn the tide of the battle against cancer.

This Can Change The Future Of A Child

Make a difference in the lives of children from less privileged homes.

4 Best Kids Playgrounds in Singapore 2022

Making memories with the family through simple means

5 Smart Ways For Fresh Graduates To Nab The Job They Want

Navigating the corporate world can be tricky, particularly if you are a fresh graduate. Follow these five steps to boost your chances at securing that dream job!

Make The Most Of Your Online Dating Experience

Tips on how to present yourself, get more matches and make meaningful connections.  

5 Tips To Level Up Your Password Security

What to do and not to do when creating passwords to protect yourself from hackers.

NSman Goes Fully Digital

After 40 years of history in print, NSman is going fully digital for 2021!

10 Essential Tips for Mental Wellbeing

Here are 10 essentials that can help boost your mental wellness.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Have a bit of stain to clean? Here are some ingredients from the kitchen.

Passing The Baton

SAFRA welcomes Mr Zaqy Mohamad as its new President and thanks Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman for his immense contributions.

Back To The Silver Screen

Once again, it’s “Now Showing” time.

United We Stand

We’re better together, always.

The New Wave

Singapore’s next generation hawkers carry the torch, all in the name of passion.

Diversity And Travel

Places to go to experience multicultural places beyond South East Asia.

Artsy Talk

Power 98 Love Songs DJ Joanna François and 88.3JIA DJ Ivy talk about art.

Blast Away

SAFRA hits up Singapore’s brand-new NERF experiential centre at Marina Square.

Crawl To The Crown

Singapore’s fastest babies made their way to the finish line at the SAFRA Diaper Dash 2019.

Bag It Wisely

Bring everything you need to be on the road with style.

For Thrills

POWER 98 LOVE SONGS DJ Carmen Ang and 88.3JIA DJ Shi Han on thrilling moments.

On Screen: July 2019

Flicks you shouldn't miss this month!

Fest Talk!

Power 98FM DJ Mister Young and 88.3Jia FM DJ Kai Ying talk about their fave music fests.

The Modern App Family

Our top picks for family friendly apps.

On Screen May 2018

Avengers: Endgame not enough for you? There is more from the MCU!

Eat Out!

88.3Jia FM’s Shu Hui and Jia Fa will introduce new and interesting places for lunch called 午餐最正点.. Catch it from end March!

Sustainable Shopping

Help chip away at that mountain of uncrushable rubbish by using products that are gentle on the Earth.

Mastering The Swim Strokes

Swimming lessons for children and adults of all ages!

Supporting your education

Since 1994, SAFRA has been supporting NSmen with bond-free sponsorships!

Streaming TV

Don't miss these shows, now streaming!