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Since 1994, SAFRA has been supporting NSmen with bond-free sponsorships!

11 March 2019

Since 1994, SAFRA has been supporting NSmen with bond-free sponsorships SAFRA President Dr Maliki Osman presented Letters of Acceptance to Award recipients at the 45th SAFRA Annual General Meeting.

With the introduction of the SAFRA Education Scheme in 1994, NSmen have been able to offset some of their educational costs, thereby reducing the financial burden of furthering their studies. The SAFRA Education Scheme was specially created to help SAFRA members upgrade themselves.

Today, the scheme awards bond-free sponsorships twice a year, and in partnership with various educational institutions, has disbursed more than $2 million in sponsorship funding in the past 25 years.

At the 45th SAFRA Annual General Meeting last November, SAFRA President Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman presented Letters of Acceptance to the latest Award recipients. The bond-free education sponsorship ranges from diploma, advanced diploma, degree and masters courses offered by respected institutions.

To be considered, applicants must have completed full-time National Service and be valid SAFRA members. Full-time National Servicemen who are SAFRA members may also be considered if they are in their last year of service or if their operationally ready date falls at least three months before the start date of the applied course.

Some of the institutions participating in the scheme include:
• Aventis School of Management
• PSB Academy
• SIM Global Education
• Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

Dr Maliki Osman (ninth from right) presented the sponsorship recipients with their awards.

The two sponsorship application periods are from February to March and August to September yearly. For more info on the SAFRA Education Scheme, visit Applications for the upcoming intake will close on 31 Mar 2019. Please turn to pages 50-51 for a full listing of SAFRA’s bond-free education sponsors.

“I came across the sponsorship while reading NSman magazine. My sponsorship funds 80 per cent of course fees – quite substantial. I applied for the sponsorship post-NS after my polytechnic studies. The application process required me to write an essay, go through an interview and follow up with the course application. I’m really thankful I got it. I’m pursuing a Social Work degree. I hope to be able to do more indepth work for clients.” Sum Wen Jun, 24, studying for his Bachelor of Social Work at SUSS

“I’m a long-time SAFRA member. I had heard of the sponsorship scheme, but it wasn’t until this year that I decided to do my postgraduate degree and am quite thankful that this scheme is available to SAFRA members. Even though I’m a working professional, 30 per cent of the course fee is still quite a large amount. It takes my mind off finances while I study, and also motivates me to work hard.” Khairilanwar Bin Baharudin, 32, Studying MSC International Management And Human Resource Management At Aventis

“I had difficulty finding a job after working overseas and coming back to Singapore. I realised I lacked paper qualifications. This sponsorship takes care of 50 per cent of my course fees. I took it to strengthen my knowledge in management and strategy.” Ethan Peter Lim, 45, studying for his Advanced Diploma In Management at Kaplan Higher Education Institute, before progressing to a Bachelor In Business Administration