For Thrills

POWER 98 LOVE SONGS DJ Carmen Ang and 88.3JIA DJ Shi Han on thrilling moments.

      8 September 2019

What is the most exciting event that you have attended?

Carmen: The Phantom of the Opera media preview I attended earlier this year – I’ve loved this musical since I was a teenager!

Shi Han: Beyond’s farewell concert The Story Live 2005. It was the first Cantopop rock concert in my life. They are my favourite rock band and it was both highly exciting and emotional.

Who is the most interesting celebrity you have met?

Carmen: Stefanie Sun. She is so down to earth, and has shown me that humility and respect for the people you work with are crucial for creating a creative work environment.

Shi Han: Remus Choi of Grasshoppers from Hong Kong – he was candid and unpretentious, unlike his on-stage persona.


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