This Can Change The Future Of A Child

Make a difference in the lives of children from less privileged homes.

18 November 2022

Little Sofea had difficulty reading and writing in primary school, and found it a challenge to express herself. Her parents, who work long hours to provide for the family, needed help for their daughter.

Watch the video to see how Campusimpact helped Sofea overcome her challenges through therapy and study sessions.

You can help change the future of a child through CampusImpact and other benefitting agencies of the President’s Challenge, when you donate through SAFRA Cares via Giving.sg (tax deductible).

An initiative to commemorate SAFRA’s 50th anniversary, SAFRA Cares is raising funds for low income and needy families and children under the President’s Challenge, as well as servicemen disabled due to service under the SAF Care Fund. You can also donate using your NS55 credits or with your bank app (via PayNow).

Just launch your LifeSG app or bank app, and scan the QR Code below. Key in your desired amount to donate!


For more info, please visit www.safra.sg/SAFRAcares.