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Our top picks for family friendly apps.

13 May 2019

From mental wellness to self guided walking tours, check out our pick of family friendly apps, designed to enhance your lifestyle!

Headspace (Mental Wellness)

This is a unique app called Headspace. It is a “wellness app” that aims to help improve your mental health and happiness. It’s quite affordable and costs around $11 monthly. It has mini sessions that help you to meditate, ranging from three to 20 minutes long. This app also makes a useful guide on the practice of mindfulness, which does wonders to help you decompress, especially to detach from work and other kinds of mental stress.

Entertainer (Food And Lifestyle Promotions)

Called Entertainer, this is a nifty food and lifestyle promotions app. Everything in the app is on 1-for-1 offer. Subscription is on an annual basis and costs $90 per year. The best part about this app is that your family members will also have access to all the app’s promotions by proxy, so they, too, can reap the rewards.

Citymapper (Getting Around)

Citymapper is our go-to app to get around in Singapore. It has a comprehensive network of transportation options: bus, MRT, LRT, bicycle-sharing platforms and even ferries. Besides its great user interface, it also pays attention to detail. For instance, it indicates the best entrance or exit to take as the fastest route via MRT. (Google Maps doesn’t do that. It only shows you the MRT station as a whole.) Perfect to get you to the right places on time when meeting your friends and family.

Locomole (Self-Guided Heritage Walking Tours)

Locomole is a self-guided travel discovery app and is useful for planning a nice, relaxing weekend with your family and kids. It has informative content on local culture and heritage, with a “near me” feature that showcases offers at nearby shops, cafes and restaurants near you. Expect the kids to enjoy fiddling with the app’s augmented reality sightseeing trails, especially where pop-ups appear in camera view, making it much more interactive.