Crawl To The Crown

Singapore’s fastest babies made their way to the finish line at the SAFRA Diaper Dash 2019.

      13 November 2019

On your mark, get set… crawl! SAFRA’s cutest race returned with a big bang at the SAFRA Diaper Dash 2019. Held at SAFRA Punggol over the weekend of 7 and 8 Sep, the competition brought together young families with their cutest tots in tow to participate in the race to crown SAFRA’s fastest baby.

The families gathered early to prepare their toddlers, some as young as six months old, to race across a three-metre cushioned racetrack. The Diaper Dash kicked off with the Families for Life (FFL) Freestylers category that pit fast-crawling babies against each other.

The Freestylers races, which were held on 7 Sep, were for two age groups: babies between 13 and 15 months old, and those between 16 and 18 months old. Speedy toddlers were able to use various ways – ranging from tumbling, crawling, walking or running – to get to the finish line.

The other category, which was the FFL Super Crawlers held on 8 Sep, was for toddlers between six and nine months old as well as those from 10 to 12 months old. Unlike in the Freestylers category, babies are not allowed to walk in these two races – those who do so have to start again from their last crawl point.

In the midst of the crawling actions, many parents were seen spurring on their little ones. There were also plenty of cheers at the finish line where parents coaxed their babies with a multitude of treats and other objects such as whistles and toys.

Cash prizes were awarded to the three fastest babies in the respective categories. Consolation prizes – an $80 SAFRA rewards voucher – were also handed out, including the “Baby Ambassadors” awards for merit. No baby went home empty-handed: All participants received a finisher’s race medal as well as a race pack comprising a race guide, an event shirt, among other attractive sponsored items.


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