Blast Away

SAFRA hits up Singapore’s brand-new NERF experiential centre at Marina Square.

      14 January 2020

What a morning of heart-pumping action at the SAFRA NERF Challenge 2019! Held in Singapore’s brand-new NERF experiential centre at Marina Square on 12 Oct, the immersive game saw the participation of many young adults.

While some prepped and strategised, others were just visibly excited about exploring the newly opened venue, the world’s first NERF Action Xperience entertainment centre spanning over 18,000sqft with multiple themed activity zones.

Following a safety briefing, the competition kicked off at 10am with the participants paired up in teams, scrambling to complete the challenge within a two-hour time frame. Utilising a wide range of blasters and darts, they fought “zombies” and navigated extreme terrain to find their way out of the battle arena in two themed war zones: Compete, an action-based activity area comprising Zombie City and Camp Dune; and Conquer, designed with extreme landscape obstacles such as Volcano, Glacier, Summit and Ice Cliff.

Young people at the SAFRA NERF Challenge 2019 overcame the obstacle at the summit and made their way to the top, conquering their fear of heights.

Ultimately, the team that came up tops was Unblockable (Daniel Ang and Gena), with apur.ini (Sim Jia Jun and Abner Seet) coming in second and y2k (Kevin See and Chng Yee Siang) third.

They won prizes valued over $2,000, including NERF Elite Titan blasters. Follow SAFRA Youth Network ( for other new and exciting events!