Back To Office: Survival Tips

Not looking forward to going back to the workplace? Our tips to ease yourself back in.

By Alywin Chew        1 June 2022

Life is finally back on track after nearly two years of living with restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Suitcases are being dusted off as throngs of people satiate their pent-up wanderlust with overseas holidays. Restaurants and bars are buzzing with life once more as group size limits are removed.

But though the return to normalcy has been welcomed with open arms, boisterous crowds and, well, masked faces, it’s only natural that some would feel apprehensive about the changes to their daily routine.

For starters, making the switch from home-based working to the usual office routine is expected to be quite a challenge for many people.

Dreading the return to the workplace? Here are some tips for you to survive the transition.

Rewire your body clock

For many of us, a return to office life means an end to the heavenly WFB (Work From Bed) routine in which we could wake up at 9:59 am and still be in time for the 10am Zoom meeting. Much like how our parents used to prepare us for the return to classes after the school holidays, what we need to do is to rewire our body clock.

This means no more binge-watching Netflix till 3am. Be sure to give yourself a few days to adjust to the new waking hours.

Remember to take a break (or not)

For some, working from home was a more hectic experience than working in the office because the boundaries between rest and work inadvertently became blurred. Remember to pace yourself when back in office. Enjoy that lunch break. Do that usual pantry run at 3.30pm. There’s no need to rush.

On the other hand, if you’ve had the luxury of, ahem, catching up on your K-dramas or playing a few rounds of PUBG online games during official working hours while working from home, it’s time to ditch those habits and maintain a professional front in the office.

No, please, don’t go hiding in the office toilet to do these things.

Check out our yummy recommendations for ordering in lunch at work.

Spruce things up

No, pyjamas won’t cut it anymore. Yes, bed hair can be sexy but it’s unlikely your boss will think so.

Indulge in some retail therapy and pamper yourself with new clothes that you can show off to your colleagues. In fact, get a new hairdo while you’re at it. These small acts all help you get psyched for a new start. You can also consider sprucing up or reorganising your desk in the office.

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Get some ideas for desk essentials to spruce up your office workspace.

Be personal

When in the office, make it a point to interact with your colleagues in the flesh instead of through instant messaging, which became the new norm during the WFH phase. After all, face-to-face communication is far more effective and accurate a means of communication. There’s no emoji that can express one’s annoyance as brilliantly as an eyeroll.

Also, don’t forget to shoot the breeze and have a few laughs. Organise a get-together after working hours to catch up. Re-establish that human connection.

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Stay fit

Having to spend time on the commute to and from the office would naturally mean less time for other matters such as working out, so be sure to carve out some time to exercise before or after work. Doing so and receiving a shot of endorphins would also help fend off those return-to-work blues. In fact, having a quick workout before work might even help you become more productive in the day.

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Don’t let your guard down

Yes, life has largely returned to normal, but make no mistake about it – Covid-19 is still lingering and people are still getting infected. Wear a mask whenever needed and don’t slack off when it comes to personal hygiene. Feeling sick? Isolate and test yourself. Don’t be garang and head to the office. You certainly don’t want to be known as the person who managed to shut the entire office down.

Be open with your boss

For some people, especially the extroverts, working from home was an absolute bore. For others, however, this experience has shone a light on how much more productive they can be when not in the office. If you belong to the latter group, do speak to your manager about the possibility of a hybrid working arrangement.

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