88.3JIA DJ & Mother Nico Weibin Loves Her Healthier & Happier Self

Radio personality Nico Weibin’s decision to step back from her previously demanding lifestyle has opened her up to new possibilities.

By Sean Yee        7 December 2023

DJ Nico Weibin is best known for her bubbly radio persona that had characterised her 22 years in radio. But one thing was for sure – she knew she needed a change in pace.

This veteran radio personality and host has chronic sciatica – a neurological disorder that causes her legs to feel numb. More than that, she wanted to spend time with her two daughters, who she describes as her “lively and active teenage darlings!” 

So, she made the decision to depart from the show in 2021 to seek out new life experiences. 

Today, she hosts an evening radio show with DJ Jia Fa on 88.3JIA and advocates for a healthier, and more vibrant way of life. With the convivial demeanour that her listeners have grown to love, Weibin shares more about her new show, her change in perspective and her love for family.  

A labour of love

Weibin’s spirited synergy with her co-host Jia Fa is palpable.

Weibin gets noticeably animated when discussing her show, “123下班咯” (loosely translated as “123 Getting Off From Work”). The programme is intended to be a delightful reprieve for the everyday worker to unwind as she and her co-DJ Jia Fa serenade their listeners with contemporary Chinese hits and hilarious banter. “It’s meant to be a pleasant playlist for listeners getting off work. Stress-free and light-hearted, the show complements that sense of joy and relief at the end of a work shift,” she shares.

Xin Nian Kuai Le! (Happy Chinese New Year!)

It is her organic chemistry with Jia Fa that really enhances the show with its signature affable flair. “It feels so good to work with Jia Fa once again! We love to joke that 他“帅“我”美“ (translated to he’s the handsome half, and I’m the beautiful other half!)!” she quips

This was a refreshing change from her many years of professional fatigue. Work-related stress was a common occurrence for her then, so much so that it had unknowingly shaped her personality. “The old me used to complain constantly,” she recalls.

Thankfully, her newfound passion project has empowered her to focus on what truly matters – her two teenage daughters. “The added advantage of not having to work weekends anymore means I can really spend time with my darlings!” she says. And as one who has experienced the highs and lows of a high-functioning work environment, Wei Bin has a lot to impart to her daughters, the older one being a medical undergraduate and the younger one committed to her A-Level studies. A mother first and foremost, she can’t help but worry for her loved ones. 

Weibin (centre) gushes whenever she is asked about her two daughters.

“I often tell them not to neglect their well-being due to their studies. It is so important that someone reminds them that it is okay to take care of their own mental health,” she highlights. “I do this in the form of motivational quotes and words of inspiration that I would share with them regularly.” 

As for herself, Weibin is thriving at her new workplace, being able to finally focus on what she loves the most – connecting with her listeners. “The most challenging part of my job now is not reciting the hotline of my previous show by habit!” she jokes. 

A healthier, happier self

“As the saying goes, 太阳会温暖早起的人! (A Chinese saying that loosely translates to ‘the sun warms those who rise early’)” she emphasises. Weibin starts her mornings with a glass of warm water, followed by stretching exercises. “Really, it’s to wake the brain up!” 

Her morning routine is centred on self-care and self-betterment, as she often utilises her mornings to introspect on her priorities and daily to-do lists. In fact, that’s how Weibin maintains that positive glow throughout the day. “It all begins in the mornings! I just bask in the morning sunlight, and embrace the present moment,” she shares. 

Staying active is also pivotal in keeping an optimistic attitude. For Weibin, she has a weekly one-on-one training session with her personal trainer, to help her better deal with her chronic sciatica now that she has more free time. This complements well with her regular walks and home exercises. 

Good food to nourish the soul

As great as she is as a radio personality and a mother, she also occasionally puts on the chef’s hat at home! Affordable and healthy meals are her forte. 

Here, she shares her Harvest Vegetable Soup recipe that she has also shared with her social media followers. “It’s nutritious, delicious and budget-friendly!” she says. 

Harvest Vegetable Soup

  • 100g pumpkin slices 
  • 100g onions
  • 100g cabbage
  • 100g carrots
  1. Put your vegetables in a pot and add water to fully cover them. 
  2. Bring the mixture to a boil.
  3. Season your soup with salt and pepper.
  4. You can also add in some of your favourite ingredients. I recommend tofu, lean meats, and prawns!

Weibin knows that the journey of self-improvement is never-ending.  But when her determination is paired with her boundless enthusiasm for life, she is unstoppable. You go girl! 

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