How To Start Getting Fit In The New Year

Kickstart your fitness regime for 2022!

By Olivia Lim        20 January 2022

As we enter the third year (gasp) of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are still working from home, or at least spending more time at home, which is making us increasingly sedentary. Whether it’s your New Year’s resolution to get fitter, or you just want to start living a healthier lifestyle, getting into an exercise regime is key. We speak to George Tng, a Fitness Trainer with SAFRA’s EnergyOne Gym (here’s how to save up to $278 at this award-winning gym), for his tips on how to kickstart your 2022 fitness regime.

Q: What do you think our readers’ fitness goals should be in 2022?

George: I used to work from 8am to 7pm in the office and at clients’ offices, then worked from home from 8pm to 1am for several years. One day, I made a firm choice to get “FIT”, and I haven’t looked back since. These is no room for regret, only room for improvement.

FIT stands for:

Fun: When the workout is enjoyable and satisfying, you’ll want to come back for more. (Book one class with me and I’m quite sure you will feel it.)

Intrinsic: A motivation within you that ensures you won’t fall back into a fitness rut or on excuses to not work out.

Truth: You will enjoy more health benefits, look better in clothing, and feel confident.

Q: Is your New Year Fitness Workout as shown in the video suitable for readers with all levels of fitness? Or do they need a basic level of fitness?

George: The New Year Fitness Workout is suitable for one who has a basic fitness foundation and is also a regular exerciser who had led a healthy lifestyle for at least 3 to 6 months. Hence, I hope that this can be a total progressive fitness workout that one may be inspired to pursue.

 Q: What else should our readers be mindful of as they embark on this regime to attain their fitness goals?

George: The list is standard and long. But most importantly, be mindful to exercise the mouth; the rest such as sufficient sleep, water intake, rest etc. will follow:

Mouth exercise no. 1:
Use your mouth to command your mind to go for whole grain, lean meat, fruits and vegetables in your meals – constantly.

Mouth exercise no. 2:
Use your mouth to command your mind to go for regular physical exercise for a minimum of 150 mins of moderately intense exercises weekly – constantly.

Mouth exercise no. 3:
Repeat exercise 1 and 2 above

Q: Are there any recent fitness trends that you would support and recommend?

George: I always recommend brain-body coordination exercises done in different surroundings, such as plyometrics training – HIIT at the beach, martial arts – MMA/kickboxing in a fighting cage setting, fitness dance – Zumba/K-popX in a park, whole body posture stretches – yoga or pilates in a garden, hill trekking, etc.

Q: Are there any fitness trends that you think readers should be careful or mindful of, and why?

George: Wearable devices are as common as mobile phones and many users own more than one. This trend is meant to be high-tech, helping to advance us into the future. However, I think such devices store lots of data and send notifications that will potentially distract the exerciser during their workout. This is an issue that will stay with us so it’s important to stay focused on your exercises.

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