Stretch & Get Prepped For Your Gym Workout!

These stretches will help you get the best out of your next exercise session.

By Steve Thio        2 December 2021

With gyms having opened up to allow for more members to work out, it’s time to get active again! But before you hit the treadmill or start your regular gym routine, it’s important to warm up and stretch your muscles to get your body prepped

For your warm up, Fitness Trainer Reno from EnergyOne Gym at SAFRA Tampines (which is conveniently located in an under 10min walk from Tampines West MRT station along the Downtown line) recommends an 8 to 10 minute session on a stationary bike or treadmill to hit 60% of your maximum heart rate. A good gauge to measure whether you hit this mark will be when you feel your heart begin to pound and you begin to perspire.
Photo: Reno demonstrating an arm rotation.
After this light cardio exercise, Reno recommends doing some static active (non-moving) and dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching involves moving the muscles through a full range of motions which will help improve flexibility and mobility, and maximise muscle strength. Here are some stretches you can try :
  1. Quadricep Stretch
  2. Side Obliques
  3. Arm Circle Rotation
  4. Leg Pendulum Swing
  5. Lower Back Stretch

Check out the video below for a demonstration of these stretches:

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