AUTHOR: Alywin Chew

LOL Mondays: Wanna Get Fitter? It’s All In The Mind

How to “clickbait” ourselves into getting fit.

LOL Mondays: Wanna Get Fitter? It’s All In The Mind

How to “clickbait” ourselves into getting fit.

LOL Mondays: Join The Army, They Said. See The World, They Said.

A free trip that comes with unexpected company.

LOL Mondays: Going Green, In Green

We’ve been sustainable in the army even before it was a thing.

LOL Mondays: I Had A Swell Time In The Army

When something swell is not a good thing.

LOL Mondays: Let’s Try To Get Fit, Again

My New Year's resolution: get that superhero bod.

LOL Mondays: How Was 2023 For You?

Does this year feel long or short for you?

LOL Mondays: Buy First, Think Later…Or Don’t Think

Whether you use girl or boy math, a bargain is a bargain.

LOL Mondays: Exams – The Bane Of My Existence

Do you still get nightmares about that dreaded rite of passage?

LOL Mondays: Defending Our Culinary Heritage

Let's make hawker training part of National Service.

LOL Mondays: How I Stretched My NSF Allowance

Being a recruit back then was like taking part in a math olympiad.

LOL Mondays: Singapore Is Safe And We Like It That Way

It's not just the food that makes our little island such a great place to live.

LOL Mondays: I’ve Found The Perfect Gift For Mum

What do mothers really want from us?

The Robots Are Coming For Your Job

Why some jobs cannot be replaced by AI.

Is It Time To Cancel “Cancel Culture”?

Join the forum to discuss this social media phenomenon.

Why Women Are Same Same, But Different

It's time to update the popular saying about the woman standing behind the man.

Make Better Choices This Festive Season

Getting swept up in "revenge" spending and eating? Stop.

How Not To Lose Your Girlfriend During NS

When is a bargain not a bargain?

Exam Fever – What To Do?

Don't worry about exams - take control of the situation.

Coffee Chats: Making EnergyOne The Best Gym For NSmen

The outgoing and new chairmen of the SAFRA Gym Management Committee on their thoughts and plans for SAFRA's EnergyOne Gyms.

Because Food Makes Us Tick

What if our combat rations were made up of local hawker delights?

Coffee Chats: The Fundamentals Of Investing

SAFRA Investment Committee Chairman Ow Tai Zhi shares tips on how, when and what to start with on your investment journey.

Nothing Left To Explore? Don’t Bluff, Lah

Don’t wait till National Day to get in touch with your island home.

What My Time In Prison Taught Me

Anil David, founder of a counselling and training centre, on the valuable lessons he learnt from his time in prison.

The Fabulous 50

Celebrating all things around the big 5-0.

Coffee Chats: Why Volunteer?

Ace Low, head of SAFRA’s volunteer management, on his contributions as a volunteer with SAFRA.

Let The School Holidays Be Fun

Give your kids the chance to be kids.

Back To Office: Survival Tips

Not looking forward to going back to the workplace? Our tips to ease yourself back in.

From Hobbyist To Award-Winning Photographer

How Teo Chin Leong shot his way from hobbyist photographer to international award winner, and his tips for aspiring shutterbugs.

Sports, e-sports & The World’s Crazy Digital Transformation

Why e-sports should be considered bona fide sports.