Hacks To Make Going Back To Office Easier (Part 2) – Eating In At Work 

Order for delivery and lunch like a boss at your desk.

By Chris Ong        11 January 2022

So, you’ve brought all your necessary work-related documents, equipment and gear (plus, some extra from-home mementoes) back to the work place.

Now, for the next most important thing on your daily office agenda: Lunch.

One of the best ways to stay safe, and also away, from a possible, maddening and ravenous lunch crowd, is to order for delivery.

  1. It’s convenient; there’s a whole, wide world of food options open to you on the Net
  2. You get to have almost whatever you want from anywhere on the isle
  3. In some cases, you could save precious time and money, too!

While you may not be able to jio (Hokkien slang for “invite”) your work mates to dine out and socialise with during lunch hour, you can jio them to share in ordering and delivering meals from these 3 food spots for some sane semblance of office bonding.

(Read up on Part 1 of this “Back To The Office” series for what to bring to the workplace if you haven’t already. And, follow up with Parts 3 and 4, for a list of recommended prezzies for your work pals, and what to do other than being on the socials while OTW to the office.)

1. Fish & Co.

Photo: Fish & Co.

Missing the big dining affairs with the equally big fish dishes that Fish & Co. serves up? While the restaurant chain can’t promise you the boisterous affair you desire, it can, however, deliver the same tasty seafood cuisine you want.

Yes, in case you didn’t know, this Singapore-beloved casual diner does provide its fish fare (freshly cooked with natural ingredients such as olive oil, herbs and spices sourced from around the world) for all you hard-working office peeps even during the ever-busy lunch hour, with the help of its preferred delivery partner, Deliveroo.

What you should “angle for” on the delivery menu: White Fish with Lemon Butter & Premium Side Combo (it comes with 2 regular sides and 1 premium side); the signature parmesan cheese-stuffed New York Fish & Chips (Petite) for days you want to eat light; and Meals for 2 Petite deal that comes with 2 cans of soft drinks, so you can share lunch costs with a fellow work mate at the next desk.

Just make sure to find out ahead on Deliveroo if your office falls within the delivery areas.

Fish & Co., multiple locations, www.fish-co.com; www.facebook.com/fishandco.sg; www.instagram.com/fishncosg. For prices and to order your Fish & Co. meals, please click here.

BONUS: SAFRA members get to enjoy 30% off subtotal bill (à la carte menu items only) at Fish & Co. Click here for more information.

2. Healthy Meals Catering

Photo: Healthy Meals Catering

This is for the folk who want their food tasting healthy, home cooked and of unwavering quality.

Healthy Meals Catering cooks up all of its fare with less salt, less oil, no MSG, and without processed or canned food. Plus, the customisable meals come delivered old-school tingkat-style!

Depending on the lunch (or dinner) package you choose – either 3 dishes and a soup, or just 4 dishes – you are provided a wide variety of options that are different for every day of the work month.

There are dozens of daily meal combos. Just a sample of what’s available: Tomato Sauce Prawn, Plum Sauce Chicken Steak, Stir Fry Pork With Sesame Oil, Herbal Chicken Soup, Lotus Peanut Pork Ribs Soup… the list goes on.

It makes for the best lunch arrangement for teams of deskbound workers who need to be in the office on the regular. The packages come in single (lunch or dinner) and dual (lunch and dinner) meal packages for up to 6 people.

Prices start from $120 for 10 days to $320 for 30 days, for just a single lunch deal for 1 pax, with each meal costing less if more people join in to order the packages. Time saved, money saved and healthy, delish food for all!

https://healthymealscatering.com.sg; www.facebook.com/Healthymealscateringsg; www.instagram.com/healthy_meals_catering

3. Little Farms

Photo: Little Farms

Let’s say it’s that one special day you do need to clock in or a day that you’ve come into office late. Perhaps, you could have missed your morning brekkie and cuppa while rushing for work, or that you’re just feeling peckish in the early morn (it’s all part and parcel of getting back into a professional pace).

Here’s how to make up for your lost start-of-the-day nutrition or have an extra-nice munch-brunch-lunch time: Look up Little Farms. The cafe and bistro arm of this organic food grocer does all manner of great hip Western-style nosh which you can easily have your fill of without dropping by its Katong or River Valley outlets.

Here are the main meals to have sent (from 8.30am onwards): the hipster fave Smashed Avocado on Toast ($18), Buttermilk Pancakes ($18), Australian Wagyu Beef Burger ($24) or the Chicken Parmigiana ($22).

Follow up with some sweet meats for a little bit of indulgence: Apple Pie Slice ($8), Sea Salt Chocolate Cookie ($4), Blueberry Muffin ($6), or Flourless Chocolate Cake ($10 for a slice). And, top up your order with a hot drink such as a mocha (from $6.50), chai latte (from $6.50) or Packs a Peach tea ($7). Finish up in delight and satisfied; get into your work groove for the rest of the day.

https://littlefarmscafe.com; www.facebook.com/LittleFarmsGrocer; www.instagram.com/littlefarms

Extra Office Life Hack: Lunch “Delivery” From Home

There are times when you just want your lunch grub done exactly the way you want. The best solution? Simply pack your own lunch to the office.

No worries, even if you aren’t a great cook; just rustle up a sandwich, along with some cookies or chips along as an after-meal snack, “brown-bag” the lot, and you’re good to go. A budding master chef? Then you could look up our recipes for festive fare, figure out if you should go high protein and low carb for your DIY meal, or get inspired despite your kitchen fails.

Doing so can not only help with clearing any leftovers from home, but also help to polish up your cooking skills (so your colleagues can feel jelly at your lunch) and let you look forward to returning to office, whenever, renewed with your very own kitchen creation.