Plan Your Long Weekends In 2022 – Family-Bonding Affairs

Spend more quality time with your loved ones through these 4 weekend-worthy activities.

By Chris Ong        12 January 2022

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve got a bounty of long weekends this year. Which gives you lots of time and opportunities to huddle up with your “home crew” (a.k.a. family) and do some good ole lovin’ bonding.

And, in case you’re racking your brains for how to bring everyone together to tighten your familial ties, here are 4 fun-for-the-fam ways to turn all of those extra rest days to family-yaydays.

(Find out just how many long weekends we’ve got for 2022 and how to plan for them if you’re flying solo. And, watch out for Part 3, where we suss out the bestest deeds to carry out with your besties.)

1. Chillax At A Chalet

Photo: National Service Resort & Country Club

This is an SG-holiday “tradition” that has been carried through the decades, and that’s well-loved still by the youth and the young-at-heart: Relaxing at a chalet.

Not everyone has the time, money, ability or inclination to jet out of town for a lengthy holiday. Plus, taking a vacation abroad is also heavily dependent on the ever-changing travel restrictions between Singapore and other countries. So, when the going (overseas) gets tough, the tough takes it easy. Booking a chalet to chill out for the long weekend makes for a sensible, time-sensitive, convenient and affordable option for the whole household.

Photo: National Service Resort & Country Club

Here’s our top recommendation: National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC). Here, there are 40 two-storey bungalows with “beach-tiful” views of Changi Beach or of the club’s expansive golf courses. Each spacious bungalow features two cosy bedrooms, living and dining areas, and a kitchen equipped with all the necessary white goods such as a fridge, microwave oven and induction cooker (and even cutlery for 8 people).

But, whatever will your kinfolk and you do in this tranquil home away from home? Lots.

Photo: National Service Resort & Country Club

Have a cookout at the private BBQ pit that’s right at your doorstep; watch some telly programmes from the 24 channels in the cable TV selection on a 55-inch LED TV; share some warm chats and cuppas over brekkies on the verandah; or take a walk around the country club to check out the facilities such as the swimming pool and the fitness centre. It all makes for an ideal break at an idyll spot.

NSRCC, 10 Changi Coast Walk, 499739, www.nsrcc.com.sg

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2. Go On A Hotel Staycay

Photo: Pan Pacific

If a seaside-style chalet holiday is not your or your family’s cup of tea, then why not opt for a hotel staycay instead?

Reasons why: A hotel’s convenient to book and find your way to (since most are found in urban areas); there are loads of modern amenities to enjoy within a reputable one (think swimming pools, lounge areas, spas and gyms); and lots of dining, shopping and entertainment options in and around a hotel.

Photo: M Social Singapore

Here are some kid-friendly ones to consider: Orchard Rendezvous Hotel by Far East Hospitality, M Social Singapore, Carlton Hotel and Pan Pacific (choose the Great Fun-mily Escapade Package).

Want more choice and more info, especially on hotels with deals for SAFRA members? Then read up on our list of 6 staycations that are perfect for the long weekends in 2022. You’re welcome.

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3. Spruce Up The Family Nest

With Chinese New Year right around the corner (1st and 2nd of February), families celebrating the occasion know this annual ritual full well: spring cleaning. But, this activity doesn’t need to be carried out only by families partaking in the festivities, and it certainly does not need to be executed just for that one time in the year.

Everyone can get in on the act of spring cleaning on any day, but doing so over a long weekend allows the whole brood to really put their whole souls, minds and bodies into scrubbing down the whole home if need be, with enough time for a thorough deep cleaning and to take ample breaks in between.

Caution: It will result in all levels of messiness and dirtiness, some hemming and hawing, and lots of family “discussions” on what to throw and what goes where. But, it will also bring the young and old together to converse and work productively as a true unit, to make the home all cleaned up and loved up.

But, just in case you fear “Operation Family HQ Clean-Up” will end up being a ground-zero disaster (especially if the younger ones are helping), try reading our tips on how to declutter your home for the new year before you start dusting away.

4. Explore Singapore’s Parks

If you and your loved ones are tired of staying indoors, regardless if it’s at home, in a chalet, a hotel suite or any of our shopping malls, then stay out.

By that, we mean head outdoors and explore Singapore’s many verdant parks. We aren’t called a Garden City for nothing – in fact, we are aiming to be Asia’s and the world’s Greenest City. Just check out the Singapore Green Plan 2030 to see how.

Better yet, check it out in person, along with the family, by wandering along the Park Connector Network (PCN) of Singapore. For those “green” to park exploration, the PCN is our island-wide network of green corridors linking the major parks and nature areas of Singapore. Boasting of more than 300 kilometres of trails, the PCN gives everyone access to almost every significant green parcel of land there is in the city.

So, get your tribe together to jog, cycle or rollerblade through the nearby neighbourhoods and past picturesque rivers and canals. Or, to take leisurely strolls to appreciate all of the flora and fauna that abound. Like spotting otters or bird-watching at Punggol Waterway Park.

The kids will also enjoy the host of recreational amenities such as fitness areas and playgrounds dotting the various PCN routes, including the play areas at Jurong Central Park (plan a day out in the West here or in Yishun).

You can start from any closest point in the vicinity of your home. But, if your kiddo wants to go full-on Dora the Explorer, then look up the National Parks Board (NParks) site to plan your family adventure. You and your A-team might just end up spending all of the long weekends to complete trekking through all 6 official loops of the PCN.