Plan Your Long Weekends In 2022 – “Me-time” Activities

Here are some of the best ways to spend your extended periods of rest days this year.

By Chris Ong        9 January 2022

This should be one of your first resolutions of 2022: Make full use of your weekends, especially the longer ones.

In case you didn’t know, there are 6 (that’s more than you can count on one hand!) long weekends this year, which means you ought to think hard and plan well for what you intend to do over the 3, 4 or even more rest days (if you take some additional leave or off days).

Here are the dates of the special 6 to note (listed in chronological order):

  1. Good Friday – 15 April (Friday)
  2. Labour Day & Hari Raya Puasa – 1 May (Sunday) to 3 May (Tuesday)
  3. Vesak Day – 15 May (Sunday)
  4. Hari Raya Haji – 10 July (Sunday)
  5. Deepavali – 24 October (Monday)
  6. Christmas – 25 December (Sunday)

With some of the holidays falling on a Sunday (or your rest day), the next day (Monday) is then  considered a public holiday, making it possible for this “holiday buffet”. But, wait – there’s better news, taking in consideration of 2 more public holiday dates:

  1. Chinese New Year – 1 February (Tuesday) to 2 February (Wednesday)
  2. National Day – 9 August (Tuesday)

So, if you take your leave or off days on the preceding Mondays of these two public occasions, you can actually have 8 long weekends in total! Woohoo!

Now, the big question: With so much time on your hands, whatever will you do?

Well, simply refer to our 3-part series dedicated to helping you work out what to do, when and with whom during your longer-than-usual hols (tap here for some family-friendly ideas!).

First, here are 5 activities for those want to make the most of their “me-time” during these long weekends, all on their own solo-ing selves.

1. Play A Video Game

Digital video game players would know how to completely “pwn” (that’s gamer speak for defeating or getting the better of) any kind of weekend. Buy or download your fave title, install it on your preferred device, and get lost (in the digital world) for the win. Whether it’s an RPG, racing, medieval-questing, monster-hunting or whatever newest/popular/old favourite game you choose, on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, laptop or even mobile phone, it is all, as they say, your own time, own target.

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2. Take An Online Course

All play and no work makes Jack a lazy boy. So, instead of just gaming your Friyays, Saturyays and Every-yays away, you should spare some of them for more productive activities. Like, taking an online course, for example.

It can be one related to your profession, subject of academic study or that is based purely on your personal interest. Whatever you decide to sign up for, just make sure it’s not for a long duration or one that needs your greater commitment (you may have a spread of long weekends this year, but it’s not regularly spaced out).

If you have no clue about what to pursue, just look up the many activity-based platforms online such as Klook and Eventbrite to search for your course of choice.

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3. Read A Book

A long weekend is the perfect time to get started on that title that you have always wanted to read, or close that chapter on that book that you got into but never finished.

If you haven’t picked one, make it either a multi-part series, a huge thousand-page tome or one that’s about the serious, heavy stuff that might need more of your grey matter and concentration. Such publications will definitely have you turning the pages during your entire extended rest period in order to complete them.

Begin your #slowlife weekend by browsing the shelves of a huge bookstore such as Books Kinokuniya to purchase one or a few titles to bring home and get cosy with. Or, visit any of our public libraries (in person or online) to borrow books (physical copies or eBooks). Tip: Download the NLB Mobile app for easy-peasy borrowing and perusing.

4. Go On A Short Trip

While a number of us do head overseas with either family or friends for weeks-long vacations, the stretched-out weekends can also be the right time to try taking shorter trips to closer destinations by your own lone self.

Doing so helps you to become more independent and also adventurous; get to places and take up activities that others might not be willing or unable to do along with you; and lets you get away from other folk for a brief while, so that you can not only have some space by yourself, but also have the time to just be yourself.

Given the COVID-19 situation, you do need to take extra care, precautions and do your homework before travelling. That means making sure you are vaccinated; keeping hygienic and sanitary; figuring out where and when you can and cannot go; the health situation, pandemic regulations and other relevant information pertaining to the destination; and all of the other COVID-19 related news out there. Your brief weekend getaways do require responsible planning to make them all the more worth your while.

5. Take Time To Think (About You)

Here’s the most basic, general rule when spending these extended spans of rest days by yourself: Make them all about you.

Specifically, take the opportunity to think about you, your goals, your life. It’s about relaxing, refreshing and recharging yourself for – and throughout – 2022. It’s about you taking care of your wellbeing – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

And, we’ve got your back – just look up some of our experts’ tips on how to start 2022 on a fresh note and the steps for finding happiness this year.