Plan Your Long Weekends In 2022 – Friend-Filled Fun 

4 ways to pack your pals into your long weekend social calendar.

By Chris Ong        23 February 2022

Maybe you’ve already thought about spending some of 2022’s numerous long weekends alone and with family. Maybe, you would also like to leave some for your friends.

But, what’s there to do aside from your usual dining and shopping meetups in urban Singapore? Having these extended weekends means that you have ample time, and can get creative to do more as a group of 5.

To help you get the party (planning) started, we’ve put together some out-of-the-box ideas for you and your mates to majorly put the “We” into the weekends.

(And, get some more ideas on how to spend some “me-time” and quality time with your family for the long weekends!)

1. Go On A Villa Vacay

Photo: Temasek Club

Home’s too stuffy and messy to invite friends over? Dining out’s more of a crowded din than conversational dinner? Then just head to a villa.

Instead of the usual hotel staycay, try a retreat at Temasek Club’s beautiful villas. Situated beside the verdant, green Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the 12 clean, modern villas here let urbanites experience life in the slow lane. Imagine, waking up to birds chirping, and you taking in crisp, fresh morning air? That’s the lush, resort life for you.

Pick either a Small Villa (32 sq m) or Big Villa (40 sq m); each comes with a super King-sized bed and a pull-out Single bed. Plus, they are easy-on-the-pocket to book – you just need to check out the club’s site to see all of the different weekend deals and rates.

Photo: Temasek Club

So, what else is there to do aside from leading the #slowlife here? Dip into a 50-metre-long swimming pool, compete against your pals in a game of tennis or bowling, and pig out at any of the dining spots within the club’s premises, including the East-meets-West Spize resto and Dragon Phoenix (Grand) Cantonese cuisine resto. Or, venture out of your villa to wander along the nearby nature trails of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve with your team of fellow nature lovers.

Temasek Club, 131 Rifle Range Road, 588406, www.temasekclub.org.sg; www.facebook.com/temasek.club; www.instagram.com/temasekclub

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2. Have A Sleepover

Let’s say you do have a pad of your own or have a large room in the family home to accommodate guests without disturbing the rest of your household. Or, that your or a friend’s living space is now free for your use because your fellow occupants have made plans to stay out overnight for the long weekend. Such situations present a ripe opportunity to get up to some shenanigans with your partners in crime.

Not actual illegal activities, but the kind that you could have done while growing up. Think pyjama parties, slumber parties, overnighters or whatever you choose to call them – basically, sleepovers with your friends.

It’s old-school, kiddish, and oh-so-fun, and you don’t have to care about keeping your place tidy since it will probably end up messy anyway (if the sleepover were to be considered a success).

It may not be a formal party, but you do want to plan the sleepover somewhat so that everyone doesn’t grow bored. Try these to make sure it’s not a meh weekend jamboree:

  • Prepare some board games like Monopoly or Jenga for some retro-entertainment.
  • Rent, borrow or even buy a home karaoke entertainment system if you don’t have one so that your wannabe-stars can sing your hearts out (but keep it at low volume so as not to scare your neighbours).
  • Programme for all of the latest Netflix movies and series to catch, or curate a list of your favourite childhood blockbusters to rematch and relive the magic.
  • Cook up all of your meals together or as opposing teams in the kitchen (read more below).

3. Hold A Cook-off

If it’s not possible to organise a weekend-long sleepover, you can still invite your buds for some homely meals on Saturdays, Sundays or any of the public holidays. But, instead of tapao-ing, ordering in or simply having you be the sole chef in the kitchen, get everybody in on the act.

Having your chums churn out the chomps with you is way more fun than just eating boxed meals at the same table. To make it more of a laughs-filled riot, you can even attempt a cook-off or bake-off (if you have the right equipment).

Before you start, stock up on know-how and supplies with Singapore Home Cooks, the largest community of home cooks in Singapore.

Some tips to help you make it “spicier”:

  • Split friends up into opposing teams to cook lunch or dinner, and have them go grocery shopping together on the day of the cook-off. You can even set a budget so there’s no unnecessary overspending (it’s meant to be fun, not costly).
  • Have members choose to whip up their best recipes, or better yet, create whole new experimental dishes so everyone gets to be guinea pigs.
  • Prepare some prizes for the winning team and even some “punishments” for the losing one. The punishment be as simple as cleaning up your kitchen (someone has to do it at the end of the day).

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4. Ride A Boat To An Offshore Island

If you and your band of merrymakers are of the adventurous, outdoorsy or active kind, then use the long weekend to explore the wilder, offshore islands of Singapore.

While you can bring family members along to visit these places, there are some parts of these isles that the younger ones or the elderly might find a bit too tough to trek through. And, though you might want to go on a solo hike, it’s good to share memories with your peers. Toughing it out together can toughen your friendships.

Of the 64 offshore islands (yes, Singapore has that many), these are some of the more popular hotspots for you and your guild of adventurers to hitch a boat ride to: Pulau Ubin, Kusu Island, St John’s Island, Lazarus Island, Pulau Semakau and Pulau Hantu. Most have regular ferries to bring the mainland folk over, though you might have to charter a boat for Pulau Hantu and sign up for a tour for Pulau Semakau. Just Google where to get the tickets and which piers to travel from in SG.

As for what to do on these islands, here are some suggestions. Cycle and kayak at Pulau Ubin, visit the Da Bo Gong (Tua Pek Kong) temple and Kusu Kramats on Kusu Island, and play with the cats populating St John’s Island. Explore the white sands of Lazarus Island, take a landfill tour run by the NEA at Pulau Semakau, and observe the marine life at Pulau Hantu.

Or, bring along a picnic basket, find an open spot and just chill with your besties. Whatever you choose to do on these isles during the weekend hols, research and prep before you go, keep safe and be respectful.

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