Hacks To Make Going Back To Office Easier (Part 3) – Gifts For Colleagues

Show your fellow workmates you’re glad to meet them again.

By Chris Ong        13 January 2022

Some you have been teaming up with since forever, some you’ve missed for months, some you haven’t even seen in person since WFH became the default  – you might actually, possibly, finally, be meeting some of your work colleagues in the office.

Instead of suddenly appearing at your desk like COVID-19 never happened, why not bear some gifts to present to all of the professional peeps at the office? It can help break the ice (with both new employees and less well-acquainted ones), brighten everyone’s first few days back, and help you gain karma points both personally and professionally.

Even if you might not get to see some of them (because you might be in on different workdays, teams or departments), it’s still nice to leave some small yet thoughtful “welcome back” prezzies on their desks.

To help you on your way to becoming the “nicest employee of the month”, here are some recommendations for the different kinds of colleagues whom you could be working alongside with back on your familiar occupational “home ground”.

(Look up Parts 1 & 2 of our “Back To The Office” series for the things to pack for your return to the office and ideas for ordering your work lunch. And, remember to read our last instalment, about how to keep yourself busy while travelling to your official place of business.)

1. For the sweetest co-worker around

Photo: 13 Honey

In every office, there would that one sole individual who’s made of sugar and spice and everything nice. You know, the one who would render help no matter how busy are, ta pao everyone’s food orders with nary a complaint, and is one-hundred percent a team player. Yes, that person totally deserves some love back.

And, what more perfect a gift than some sweet honey for a sweet person. Try a jar of Stingless Bee Honey ($49 for 250g) from health foods specialist 13 Honey. Said to be much more nutritious than regular honey, taking just 2 to 3 tablespoons of this daily (it’s recommended one takes a serving during the day and one at night) is enough to help keep him or her in the pink of general health, and keeping to their pleasant disposition.

2. For the experienced ones

Photo: 13 Honey

Aside from respect and gratitude for the folks who know the most in your company, show some care for your work seniors (age-wise, too) in helping them be at their healthiest selves, both professionally and personally.

Do so by getting them some “golden” health foods and products, such as 13 Honey’s Lavender Chamomile Bird’s Nest with Organic Honey ($59.90). Made with hand-cleaned, all-natural Bird’s Nest from Malaysia and Honey Rock Sugar, and infused with Pure Organic Honey, Lavender and Natural Chamomile Extract, it makes for a soothing yet strong sweet-tasting tonic to aid them in relieving the stress of getting back into the office-pace life.

They might just end up sharing this nourishing nectar – and more of their life-enhancing experience – with you!

The Stingless Bee Honey and Lavender Chamomile Bird’s Nest With Organic Honey are available at 13 Honey. Multiple locations, https://13honey.sg; www.facebook.com/13honeysg; www.instagram.com/13honeysg

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3. For the new kid on the block

From left to right: Otah-shaped novelty pencil case, Pentel Brush Sign Pen set & Bot Maple and Walnut pencil sharpener

Gifts of stationery can be apt for young-at-heart colleagues who are new to the company, graduates joining the workforce, or even for interns, given that you might not know what they are like or like.

Don’t get ones that are too expensive or branded (the receiver might feel burdened), and are preferably more a novelty and humorous yet functional in design (to keep the gifting light-hearted).

Like these ones from lifestyle and gifts store Klosh. For the newbie-slash-foodie, an Otah-shaped novelty pencil case made from soft velboa ($14.90). For the dedicated note-taker, a kawaii Pentel Brush Sign Pen set ($11.90 for a set of 6). And, for the fresh schooler-turned-worker, a cutesy Bot Maple and Walnut pencil sharpener ($29), as a tongue-in-cheek reminder of their schooling days and to remain the sharpest pencil in the box while at work.

All products available from Klosh, multiple locations, www.klosh.online; www.facebook.com/kloshsingapore; www.instagram.com/kloshsg

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4. For the essential workers in your company

Photo: Polar Puffs & Cakes

You may or may not see them every day, know their name, or have even said more than “Hi”, “Bye” and “Thank you” when you’re in the office. Their profession may have little to do with your own area of expertise, but they are the ones who have been making your office life safer, easier and cleaner.

Who are they? They are your security personnel, the office cleaners, the janitors – the essential workers that have help kept things going even when everyone else is working in the safety of home.

Let them know they are very much appreciated, in any way, on any given day. And we do think a simple gift of food can make their day.

Try offering them some pastries, slices of cakes or signature curry puffs from well-loved heritage brand, Polar Puffs & Cakes. They are tasty and affordable enough for you to get for however many of your fellow essential workers, and for however many times you feel you ought to.

Polar Puffs & Cakes, multiple locations, https://polarpuffs-cakes.com; www.facebook.com/Polar.Puffs.Cakes; www.instagram.com/polarpuffs_cakes

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