Get Strong, Get Fit: Why Women Should Work Out

How exercise benefits women and the best workouts to do.

By Olivia Lim        18 April 2022

Every woman wants to look good, and a large part of this comes from living a healthy lifestyle with a regular exercise regime.

We speak to certified personal trainer Yong Pei Lin, who goes by @inkedcheffitness on Facebook and Instagram, on the best workouts for women, their benefits and exercise tips for new mothers.

Q: What are the benefits of working out for women?

Pei Lin: It makes our skin glow and improves our overall appearance, not to mention it burns calories, improves our cardiovascular health and contributes to healthy joints.

Photos: @inkedcheffitness on Instagram

Q: Are there any types of exercises that women should do more of, for health?

Pei Lin: As long as we are working out, be it weight training, cardio-based fitness classes, hiking or any water sports, we reduce the risk of developing diabetes while strengthening our bones which helps prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

I would recommend one to drink more water daily and to cut down on sodium and MSG as well as sugar intake in general. Avoid processed food as much as possible, have a balanced diet and make sure you keep a healthy active lifestyle.

Work out a minimum of three to four times a week, for 30 to 60 minutes each time. A mixture of cardio exercise, weight training and yoga is ideal.

Photos: @inkedcheffitness on Instagram

Q: Will lifting weights make me look bulky?

Pei Lin: Lifting weights will not make women look bulky as it takes a lot more than just lifting weights to gain muscles. Lifting weights not only helps us to have healthier and stronger joints, it also helps us tone up our muscles as compared to women who just do cardio-based workout.

Q: Are there any exercises I should avoid, or avoid overdoing?

Pei Lin: Generally, there’s no workout that we need to avoid, as long the workout is being done correctly and in a safe manner. In fact, every workout has its benefits!

Q: I’m a new mum and have no time to go to the gym. What sort of workouts can I do with my baby?

Pei Lin: For new mums, I would suggest doing simple HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts as they take up only 10 to 15 minutes of our time. As for doing workouts with your baby, carrying your baby and doing squats, lunges or glute bridges is possible too.

Q: How soon after having my baby can I start working out again?

Pei Lin: If it’s a natural birth, you can start working out after one month, but I would suggest starting off with low intensity workouts first then gradually after the second or third month after birth, I would recommend weight training. As for women who undergo C-sections, I would suggest getting your doctor’s green light to start working out. It’s also worth noting that everyone heals differently; some women take more time, while others heal fairly quickly. But in general, it’s safe to go back to your workouts four to six months after giving birth. Before that, you can try brisk walking or yoga.

Q: We notice there are more females working out at the gym – do you think this is a rising trend?

Pei Lin: Yes it is! This is because women are becoming more aware of how working out helps to keep them in good shape, alongside a healthy diet. I do notice an increase in women looking for personal trainers as well and seeing more of them here at EnergyOne Gym, which also welcomes females to sign up for gym memberships. Check out the current promotions going on at EnergyOne gym!

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