3 Easy Exercises You Can Do With Your Partner

Muzammil Mansor, Fitness Trainer at SAFRA Punggol's EnergyOne gym, shares 3 simple workouts you can try at home.

By Olivia Lim        26 February 2021

Getting a good workout at the gym, where you have access to all types of equipment, is of course, ideal. But for those extra busy days and when you simply can’t get away, getting some form of exercise at home is better than none at all.

Muzammil Mansor has been a Fitness Trainer at SAFRA Punggol’s EnergyOne gym for four years, and has a special interest in strength training and rehabilitation exercise. He says that there are many benefits to working out with a partner.

“Working out with a partner may motivate you mentally,” shares Muzammil. “A partner can push you to work harder and at the same time, add an element of fun into the routine. Individuals who work out together are also more likely to stick to a workout schedule and structure a programme together. Apart from that, partners may also offer competition. Challenging each other can boost the overall effort for both and in return, both parties will reach fitness goals faster.”

Here are 3 simple exercises you can do, as demonstrated by Muzammil with his partner:

1. Burpees With Plank

This is a good exercise for warming up.

1. Have your partner be in a plank position while you perform the burpees.

2. After 10 reps, switch roles with your partner and repeat.

2. Push Up With Squat

1. Grab your partners ankles.

2. At the count of ‘go’, perform a squat while they do the push-up.

3. After 10 reps, switch roles with your partner and repeat.

3. Medicine Ball Twist

If you dont have a medicine ball, you can use a filled water bottle.

1. Sit down with your backs facing each other.

2. Twist your body and pass the ball to your partner.

3. Do 10 reps on each side.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our video for even more exercises you can do with your partner!

Special thanks to Seri Munirah for participating in our workouts and video shoot.

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