EnergyOne Is Gym Of The Year 

Behind the Gym of the Year Regional Winner title are dedicated staff and an inclusive environment.

By Kelvin Low        3 February 2022

EnergyOne Gym was awarded both National and Regional Winner for Gym of the Year at the Fitness Best Asia Awards in 2021, repeating their win from 2017. The Fitness Best Asia Award is an annual Asia-focused presentation that awards and celebrates fitness and wellness professionals in the community.

The judging criteria goes beyond having the latest equipment, amenities and aesthetics. Gyms are also judged by their workout culture, defined as an inclusive environment that is motivating, inspiring and safe for members to participate.

The award contestants are assessed by their programmes and classes, trainers and staff, societal impact and adaptability. EnergyOne has stepped up deep cleaning and improving facilities to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus, while keeping it open to all who want to get a good workout. You can read more on these measures here: nsman.safra.sg/staying-safe-at-energyone

We had a chat with two iron pumping EnergyOne members to find out what makes EnergyOne their choice:

Faizal Rahman: A jaw-dropping transformation

NSMan: Tell us why you joined EnergyOne!

Faizal: I have been with EnergyOne since 2018. It’s a nicely equipped gym that’s spacious and not cramped, decked with high-end equipment to work those muscles and build up one’s stamina.

I like that it’s convenient as it has a nice shower and changing room. Lastly, the staff are all very friendly and also genuinely care for members’ well-being. 

NSMan: Tell us about your “newbie” experience.

Faizal: When I first stepped into EnergyOne, I was lost and I didn’t know what to do. I was feeling timid and insecure with my body but I was approached by Reno Rasi, one of the EnergyOne trainers. He was helpful, corrected my workout techniques and advised me accordingly. Till now, he still motivates me and never fails to give me workout tips.

From there, I slowly mastered everything according to the guidelines and tips given by Reno. My fitness has improved significantly and my body composition changed tremendously with all his guidance!

I feel much stronger and motivated. He’s a good mentor and motivator that “killed” me in the best possible way. All he did was show me the “light” and it’s up to me to walk over to the “light”.

EnergyOne Fitness Trainers Jerome (trainer) and Jason (on machine).

NSMan: Care to share about your workout?

Faizal: I don’t have a strict routine but I have more of a “hit this part, hit that part, hit it this way, etc.” routine because there are so many different exercises that you can do for multiple parts of the body.

During my shoulders and triceps day, I will focus more on high reps and increasing the weight (pyramid) for an efficient way to improve and gain strength and muscle mass.

I will start with the spin bike for 10 minutes to get my muscles warmed up. My routine is mostly three sets of 12 repetitions (3×12), consisting of pull-ups, military presses, shoulder presses, seated lateral raises, front shoulder raises, bent-over reverse flys, seated rear delt flys, tricep dumbbell kickbacks, skull crushers, cable rope overhead tricep rows and tricep rope pull downs.

The exercises I do to failure (repeating an exercise to the point of momentary muscular failure) are high pulls with barbell to end a complete shoulder workout routine, and triceps pull down to complete the triceps routine.

NSMan: Sounds like a solid workout! So, why should one work out at EnergyOne?

Faizal: They have the gear for me to hit all those exercises I mentioned. Not just that – I’ll recommend EnergyOne because of the clean environment, latest equipment, reasonable rates and most importantly, friendly staff. Even the general cleaners are friendly too! It feels like home!

Jon Kwek: Young and fit

NSMan: You look really young, how long have you been with EnergyOne?

Jon Kwek: I joined in 2020 around October, and one year passed really quickly, yes? It’s been almost 1 and a half years now!

NSMan: How true. Where were you training before joining EnergyOne?

Jon: After I ORD-ed, I was training at ActiveSG and other public gyms.

NSMan: Tell us, what are the key reasons that made you switch?

Jon: I like the wide variety of equipment provided by EnergyOne and the easily accessible multiple locations. I’ve been to E1 Tampines, Punggol, Toa Payoh and Mount Faber and they are all well-equipped with different equipment and machines so I can change it up and never get bored.

EnergyOne Fitness Trainers Jerome (trainer) and Jason (throwing).

NSMan: Let’s talk about your routine!

Jon: My favourite training routine is a legs/push/pull routine, spread over six days a week. My programme mainly revolves around building power with squats, bench presses and deadlifts. I mainly use free weights, barbells and dumbbells for my compound exercises. EnergyOne also has  top-notch Hammer Strength equipment and cable machines that I enjoy working out with.

NSMan: What’s great about EnergyOne’s environment?

Jon: The staff and trainers are very friendly and approachable, willing to help and to go the extra mile if there are any enquiries! 

NSMan: Sounds like you vibe well with this gym! Would you bring a friend?

Jon: Yes, I would recommend EnergyOne to my friends and family members! They have multiple convenient locations and the equipment provided is more than sufficient and effective for getting a satisfying workout.

Note: Do not attempt any of the suggested actions or instructions in this article without first consulting with a medical professional. 

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