On Screen: November 2020

Catch these flicks to complete 2020’s unique entertainment.

By Yong Shu Chiang      7 November 2020

Over The Moon

Out: To be confirmed, Netflix

Stars: Cathy Ang, Phillipa Soo and John Cho

A bright young girl, Fei Fei (Ang), is obsessed with the fable of Chang’e, the Chinese Goddess of the Moon who, as legend has it, is trapped on the moon with her rabbit companion. One day, Fei Fei decides to go on a fantastic journey to prove that the legend is real and save Chang’e, and starts building a rocket ship. What follows is an unexpected adventure of out-of-this-world proportions. Directed by Oscar winning animator Glen Keane.


Out: To be confirmed, Apple TV+

Stars: Honor Kneafsey, Eva Whittaker and Sean Bean

This is an enchanting animated adventure set in a time of superstition and magic. A young hunter, Robyn (Kneafsey), meets a girl named Mebh (Whittaker), whom she discovers is from a tribe of magical healers rumoured to have the ability to turn into wolves. When Mebh’s mother goes missing, the new-found friends are forced to take sides in an impending war between humans and wolves.


SAFRA Tampines Upgrades

Fresh from an improvement, this clubhouse celebrates the new milestone with much fanfare.

Never The Twain Shall Meet?

As two disparate food cultures, Spanish tapas and Asian hotpot could not be more different. Or are they?

Master Commander

Ruminations of National Service and fatherhood.