AUTHOR: Yong Shu Chiang

New On Screen: February 2024

Hollywood darling Timothee Chalamet returns to the big screen in the Dune sequel, while spy couple Mr & Mrs Smith make their debut on streaming.

New On Screen: February 2024

Hollywood darling Timothee Chalamet returns to the big screen in the Dune sequel, while spy couple Mr & Mrs Smith make their debut on streaming.

New On Screen: January 2024

Oscar winner Jodie Foster returns as a crime investigator in streaming series True Detective: Night Country, while Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau leads in two major roles on the big screen.

New On Screen: December 2023

It's fun for the whole family with holiday blockbusters Wonka and Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, and the de rigueur Christmas movie – Candy Cane Lane, starring Eddie Murphy.

New On Screen: November 2023

This month, a hitman and a vigilante will keep you on the edge of your seat, while a popular 90s boy band gets a revival in a new movie featuring their hit songs.

New On Screen: October 2023

Oppenheimer's Alden Ehrenreich delivers a riveting new performance, while Oscar winner Brie Larson returns as a brilliant chemist.

New On Screen: September 2023

This month, watch recent Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh in a Hercule Poiret mystery, while Eve Hewson, daughter of U2's Bono, shows off her musical talent in a new streaming release.

New On Screen: August 2023

The inimitable Denzel Washington is back in action this month, while live action versions of a popular video game and a cult manga series take to the big screen.

New On Screen: July 2023

This month, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence returns with a new comedic role, while Jackie Chan, John Cena and Matt Damon pack a punch in action-packed flicks.

New On Screen: June 2023

Celebrate the return of Hollywood veterans Harrison Ford, as he reprises his beloved Indiana Jones role, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his new biographical documentary, Arnold.

New On Screen: May 2023

Look forward to the live action remake of a classic comic this month, along with the return of Hollywood veterans like Sigourney Weaver, Vin Diesel and Woody Harrelson.

New On Screen: April 2023

Beloved characters from video games and classic cartoons hit the big screen this month.

New On Screen: March 2023

Meet a host of enigmatic characters in the movies and on streaming this month.

Coffee Chats: Being Accountable To SAFRA Members

Tin It Phong, SAFRA’s Audit Committee Chairman, on his volunteer journey for over a decade.

New On Screen: December

Cosy up this festive season to a musical legend, a dramatic retelling of a real-life disaster, and new seasons of drama serials.

New On Screen: November

Expect twists on an exclusive dining experience, family festive celebrations and a beloved Christmas tale this month.

New On Screen: October

This month's new movies and series offer glimpses into the not-so-distant future.

New On Screen: September

Watch a musical legend and an iconic Hollywood actress light up the screen this month.

New On Screen: August

Fantasy fans, look out for the return to Middle-Earth and Westeros this month!

New On Screen: July

Meet heroic dogs and cats, a boxing legend, and a couple of assassins on screen this month.

Let’s Get Animated: Movies For The Young At Heart

These family-friendly features tell enthralling stories through a variety of animation styles, including stop-motion and computer animation.

New On Screen: June

The origin story of a beloved animated character, a legendary singer's biopic and a Korean remake of a hit TV series will hit your screens this month.

The Winner Takes All: Movies About Sports That Inspire & Uplift

Sports movies often entail rooting for the underdog, or present accounts of great courage and human achievement.

Working It: Movies Set In The Workplace

Diverse job settings are the backdrop of comedic and dramatic events.

New On Screen: May

This month, look forward to the return of a hotshot pilot and an enigmatic superhero.

New On Screen: April

A classic adventure-comedy, youngsters who discover superpowers, and disgraced secret service agents to keep you glued to the screens this month.

The Men Don’t Get It: Movies About Strong Women

Leading ladies and stories about resilient women feature prominently in this selection of female-centric titles.

New On Screen: March

Meet an accidental time traveller, a reluctant vampire and an ancient Egyptian god this month.

Love Stories: Movies About Romance, Loyalty & Devotion

Romantic love, family love and intimacy between a man and his operating system all feature in these movies and series.

Staying Young At Heart

Soh Yi Da talks about the affinity he has felt for SAFRA since he was a youth, and his role now in engaging with NSmen from the younger end of the spectrum.

New On Screen: February

Look forward to a classic murder mystery, girls in the army, and a new zombie series this month.