Is This Why You Are Failing In Your New Year Resolutions?

5 common resolutions and how to succeed in them.

By Chris Ong        24 February 2022

No more excuses, you.

The bonanza celebrations are over – Christmas, New Year, Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day – which means it’s time to really get going on your resolutions if you have been putting them off.

But if you have been making and remaking those same few ones year after year, you might want to start by taking a closer look at them and why you have not been able to keep them.

Below, we sort out some of the most popular resolutions, the reasons why people can’t hold onto them, and a tip or two to help the old-slash-current you become a new-&-better you for 2022.

1. Learning new skills

Since it is a new year, most people will gladly take the chance to participate in workshops, enjoy novel activities or find a new hobby, what with all the refreshed energy and new-year buzz going strong still.

It could be anything, from a personalised scented soy candle making workshop, an epoxy resin earth plate workshop or a terrarium crafting class. Or perhaps, more active activities such as Bollywood dance, wheel and aerial yoga, or martial arts fitness. For more out of your comfort zone-fun, it could even be a sound immersion class or parkour lesson. You’ll find these and more on platforms like SAFRA and Getyr!

Reasons why you may not succeed

There’s no reason why you should not try; just opt for any new-to-you experience. All you ought to do is to open your mind and don’t procrastinate. There’s no need to worry or stress about the results; success isn’t important here. The experience, enrichment and fun are each their own rewards.

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2. Exercising more

This is a typical everyday goal, regardless of one’s fitness level, even for those who are already religiously going to the gym or have a sporty lifestyle. Whether you’re choosing to exercise in order to lose weight or improve your physical health or body, it makes for an apt resolution to work on earlier in the year.

You not only get to work off all those extra calories gained from all that festive feasting, but it’s also beneficial to start on working out ASAP in the year, to build a healthy foundation and prep yourself physically and mentally to take on your pile of other resolutions. But, while “F” can stand for “Fitness”, it can also easily mean “Failure”.

Reasons why you may not succeed

Like how you may be lacking in fitness, it may be due to other possible lacks in discipline, willpower and motivation. Here’s the gospel truth – getting fit physically also means you need to get your mind “fit”, to be determined to start and maintain an exercise routine on a consistent basis.

Also, you might be setting yourself up for failure if you are setting unrealistic expectations, either in terms of ideals or pacing. Exercising to lose weight, improve fitness or health, or build up muscle, will take time, over months or even years. Do not expect to see results immediately, and even if you do see some change, manage your expectations. You might or might not get that perfect supermodel beach-buff bod, but that’s okay. The ultimate end-goal for exercising is to work towards a better you.

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3. Taking care of your health

Given how COVID-19 has made a mess of our lives, being more mindful of our personal health is now more important than ever. And, by health, we mean all aspects of it: physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and so on.

Whatever you think or do, you have to keep “you” in mind. Not by being selfish, but more along the lines of caring for yourself. For physical health, to eat healthier and exercise more; for work, to find ways to manage stress and find time to take breaks; and for the emotional and social dimensions, to be more willing to reach out to family and friends whenever you want a listening ear. There are so, so many ways for you to take care of yourself.

Reasons why you may not succeed

With so many aspects to health, there are also many reasons (some complex) to why you may not be able to look after your state of health. But, if they are reasons within your control and that you can manage, then do try.

Some of the easier ones that you might be able to work on and solve: time management (setting aside quality “me-time” just for yourself); taking note of your diet to eat balanced meals or popping supplements if need be; and scheduling and keeping track of your exercise sessions and fitness progression. You can also choose to find a hobby or new pursuit to destress (read more in “Learning New Skills” above).

And, if holistic wellbeing is your major concern for the year ahead, then try looking up what a life coach has to say about joy and contentment.

4. Sorting out your finances

Hong bao giving has caused a major dent; your stay-home online shopping has gotten out of control; or you may be facing some job-based pay problems. Whatever the reason, all of the money-related resolutions – saving up more in the bank, spending less on frivolous items, diversifying your funds and investments – it makes lots of “cents” to figure out your monthly figures.

Reasons why you may not succeed

Two major ones come to mind: Being disorganised and being a spendthrift.

The first might revolve around you not being careful about your monthly expenses and not knowing how much you spend and on what, leading to missed bills or payments, under- or over-spending on items and a general mess in your financials.

The second might just be a bad habit or one borne of greed, where you go overboard and purchase unnecessary material goods, and end up spending more of your disposable income and savings than you can actually afford.

A simple way to stop the bleed: Get organised.

Start with some simple note-taking to keep track of your monthly spending, then follow up with some a simple analysis to see what you need to buy and what you can cut back on. It helps if you restrict yourself from window-shopping too, either online or out in the malls; what you don’t see, you don’t get.

The last step: Save. Just make sure to put aside an amount, any amount, every month, as part of your savings. And, our pro-tip: Look up some wealth management specialists like Endowus, Syfe and Stashaway to get some help with keeping to your objective of working out your money issues.

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5. Falling in love

It may not be readily admitted by everyone, but this resolution comes in many a pink-tinged promise-to-self – think to find a boyfriend/girlfriend, get engaged, or get married. Yes, love-bound resolutions are perennial wishes in the hearts and minds of many folk.

Reasons why you may not succeed

Okay, no judging, no blaming and no pressuring here – we aren’t callous enough to call anyone out for their romantic failings.

Instead, let’s go with what you can do to make Cupid’s arrow shoot sharper and faster, and for your heart to feel less, erm, disheartened and more emboldened.

Here are a few counter-intuitive ways to keep you positive while on the lookout.

One, do not draw up a list of your ideal traits in or obsess over an idealised half. Sometimes, you are so focused on fulfilling your ideals, you end up cutting off romantic potentials, or feeling more disillusioned or desperate when no supermodel-actress-singer Wonder Woman or BTS member appears before you.

Two, take a break from the hunt. Scroll past that dating app and skip out on a blind date; complete some other resolution on the list instead. It helps with peace of mind and heart for your mental and emotional health. You might just come back more assured when you dive back into the dating scene.

Or, peruse through all of the romantic restaurants to dine at, unique places to explore and interesting date spots in SG. Then go there by yourself or with family and friends, even if it’s not V-Day. Remember to love yourself and your loved ones first, while searching for the love of your life.

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