The New Wave

Singapore’s next generation hawkers carry the torch, all in the name of passion.

      3 July 2020

The charity drive proved to be a huge success, surpassing its initial target of $40,000 to raise over $150,000, which led to the provision of up to 50,000 bee hoon meals to those in need. Ray Sheng highlights the importance of passion and its spillover effects: “It really shows how much passion can motivate people to do good. Our passion to help others and our story touched the hearts of so many that countless people reached out to us to channel their passion into something physical. This led to a huge volunteer pool of over 250 people!”

In spite of the virus crisis, Raydy Bee Hoon has successfully launched a charity drive to raise funds and provide meals for those in need during the circuit breaker period.

Besides passion, the business was also able to tap into social media to spread the word, given that Ray Sheng is tech-savvy. “Being equipped with technological skills definitely allowed us to reach a whole different audience than those of the previous generation of hawkers. Most of our customer base learnt about our store through Instagram after the huge publicity. Having most of our customers find out about us through social media came as an advantage.”

His advice to Singaporeans who are considering becoming hawkers: Don’t be afraid to fail – it is perfectly fine to make mistakes. “On opening day, it was such a disaster that I had to close our stall on the second day in order to iron things out. There were problems like inconsistency of food and portioning. But instead of being embarrassed, we learnt from our mistakes. What’s more important is how you overcome it and what you learn.”

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