Sweet Treats For Your Sweet Hearts (Part 2)

Because all your loved ones deserve their just desserts.

By Chris Ong        8 July 2021

Need more ideas to give the gift of the rightest, nicest nom-noms to the yummiest peeps in your life? Read on; continuing with Part 2 of this sweet treats feature, we highlight some icy desserts, after-meal options and even more confections (the more the merrier, we say) to buy, eat and (show your) love.

Click here to read Part 1, where we talk about how you can shower some TLC on family and friends during these tough times with mouth-watering cakes, cookies and other delectable creations.

Curry Times’ Hot & Cold Desserts
Photo: Curry Times Facebook

Curry Times’ hot & cold desserts

Eating out with or buying takeaway for the fam or your pals? Then head to this dine-in resto of the Old Chang Kee biz for familiar and affordable comfort food. Lovers of Asian dishes, the older folk and even the kids (there are meals made just for the little ones here) will love its soul-warming fare such as varied meat, rice and noodle sets, pratas and of course, the curry-flavoured dishes found here. But, it’s the desserts that we would like to point your attention to.

When everyone’s done filling their stomachs, look to the desserts section of the menu to top up their other tummy (the one that’s reserved just for the sweet stuff). The after-meal options are all top SG faves: hot ones such as bubur cha cha, orh bee ber (black glutinous rice with coconut milk), tau suan (mung beans dessert) and yam paste with gingko nuts; and cold ones like chendol, ice kachang and coconut with aloe vera and ice jelly. Each makes a traditional happy ending to a traditional family gathering.

Curry Times, multiple locations, www.currytimes.sg; www.facebook.com/CurryTimes

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Andersen’s of Denmark
Photo: Andersen’s of Denmark Ice-Cream Singapore Facebook

Andersen’s of Denmark’s icy treats

Speaking of desserts, how can we not include the perfect hot-weather antidote, ice cream? And, here’s where to go to get your best prescription of this cold and creamy delight: Andersen’s of Denmark cafes. Here are your reasons why: Mint Chocolate Chip, Rum & Raisin (with real Hansen Rum), Belgian Chocolate Chip, Banana Crunch (with chocolate chunks and walnuts) and more.

Another reason: Danish waffles with maple syrup and Chantilly cream, and waffle creations such as Banana Delight, Mixed Fruits and S’more (shown here). Even more reasons why: Banana Splits, Single, Couple and Family Fondues, Molten Lava cakes. Final few reasons: milkshakes, smoothies and ice cream cakes. Okay, we’ll stop here… because we’re heading there ourselves now. And, you should, too.

Andersen’s of Denmark, multiple locations, andersensicecream.com/singapore; www.facebook.com/andersensofdenmarkSG

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Photo: Nectar Facebook

Nectar’s yogurt-y goodness

If ice creams are too much of a guilty pleasure (no thanks to your new WFH waistline), then here are equally tasty alternatives from Nectar. This specialist in all things frozen premium Greek yogurt (or froyos), smoothies and more makes its products without artificial stuff or fillers; just refreshing nutritional servings of probiotics, calcium and protein to satisfy both health nuts and dessert freaks. And, Nectar has loads on offer.

There are froyos, coconut smoothies, avocado smoothies, yogurt smoothies, a signature honey Greek style yogurt bowl, protein blends, and specialty fruit and milk drinks, as well as a selection acai bowls, handcrafted cookies and even wholemeal toasties if you want more goodies to go with your choice of dessert. Don’t know what to choose? Then peruse through its “Best Sellers” list, that includes a chocolate-based froyo bundle, a crunchy-toppings themed froyo bundle and its Signature Organic Acai Bowl (Chocolate Lover). Or, opt for its care pack bundles, thoughtfully put-together as “For Whole Family”, “For Him” and “For Her”. Order one (or a few) to be sent as a surprise prezzie to let your loved ones know that they are in your (healthy) thoughts.

Nectar, shop.welovenectar.com; www.facebook.com/nectarsg; www.instagram.com/nectar_sg

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Rainbow Lapis
Photo: Rainbow Lapis Facebook

Rainbow Lapis’ colourful kueh-kueh and cakes

There’s SG’s heritage food, then there’s SG’s heritage desserts and snacks; Rainbow Lapis is an expert in such delicacies. For those who love more Asian and traditional noms will smack their lips at its range of handcrafted artisanal kuehs; take your pick from ondeh ondeh, mini wa ko kueh, kueh bahalu and more. If you want variety, then opt for its box sets and platter sets (there’s one with 50 bite-sized pieces). Want cake? Then try its range of chiffon cakes that includes a special Coconut Glaze Pulut Hitam Chiffon, and kueh lapis cakes such as Butterfly Pea Lapis and a seasonal Osmanthus Gojiberry Lapis. But, our top reco – wait for it – is the super-duper SAF Day-themed cakes that are done up with an all-over camouflage colour pattern. Choose from a Chocolate Matcha Camo Chiffon Cake, a Chocolate Matcha Hazelnut Creme Roulade or a Butterfly Pea Hazelnut Creme Roulade (or buy them all); each comes with complimentary “Thank You” card (pick from an Army, Air Force or Navy camo designed one) so you can give this special cake to your special someone who’s serving the nation.    

Rainbow Lapis, multiple locations, www.rainbowlapis.com; order.rainbowlapis.com/en_SG/ (to order online); www.facebook.com/rainbowlapis; www.instagram.com/rainbowlapissg

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