End Your Meals On A Sweet (And Healthier) Note With These 5 Frozen Yogurts

Oh, don’t mind if we add those coloured sprinkles and caramel toppings.

By Lester Tan      30 November 2021

You’re forgiven if frozen yogurt — froyo, for short — is never part of your dessert plans. Because more than we’d like to admit, we’re spoilt for choice when deciding what to have, especially with a slew of bubble teas, bingsus, gelatos, and the like around.

But let us tell you why you should think about froyo. Not only are these probiotics in ice cream form beneficial to your gut, they are one of those few OG desserts that captured our hearts (and wallets) when we were younger. Yami Yogurt or Sogurt, anyone?

(P.S. Sogurt is still, in fact, standing tall after almost a decade — currently serving patrons online and at a cafe called Kara Café and Dessert Bar as Sogurt 2.0.)

On that note, suppose you’d like to have something different for dessert, consider giving the froyos we’ve compiled below a shot!

1. Nectar

Photo: Nectar

Just like the syruppy substance in flowers, Nectar is a sweet — and attractive — yogurt and specialty smoothie bar that is located at Jalan Tan Tock Seng, NCID Building.

Other than bowls, parfaits, and smoothies made with premium Greek yogurt and the freshest of fruits, the bar also serves açai, coconut blends, tarts, toasties, and cookies.

(If you prefer a more convenient option, Nectar also offers islandwide delivery!)

Find Nectar at 16 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, NCID Building, #B1-02, S308442. Website | Instagram | Facebook.

BONUS: SAFRA members can enjoy $5 off when they purchase Nectar products online with a minimum of $55 spend. More information here.

 2. Frozilicious

Photo: Frozilicious

Started from a humble abode in 2013, Frozilicious became a household name for many friends, families, and organisations that are looking for a Halal-certified dessert, or froyo for that matter.

With a brick-and-mortar at Roxy Square Shopping Centre and an eCommerce site, Frozilicious serves quality and smooth yogurt made with dairy and vegetable fat that comes in ten flavours: natural, passionfruit, mango, green apple, strawberry, grape, pink bubblegum, blue bubblegum, caramel, and red velvet.

We don’t know about you, but nine unique flavours are definitely more than enough!

Check out Frozilicious at 50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square Shopping Centre, #02-111, S428769. Website | Instagram | Facebook.

3. Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt

Photo: Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt

There are two things that make Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt special.

One, its highlight yogurt comes in purple because it’s meticulously cultured with purple rice.

Two, all yogurts are freshly prepared daily, cultured for at least 24 hours. It can’t get any fresher than this.

Other than that yogurt infused with rich, smooth, and chewy purple rice, treat your taste buds — and gut — to yogurts with passionfruit, oat and jujubes. If you’re up for it, find them at Jurong East, Tanjong Pagar, Orchard, Marina Bay and Hougang.

Visit one of Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt’s outlets at 3 Gateway Drive, Westgate, #01-09A, S608532. Website | Instagram | Facebook.

4. Smöoy

Photo: Smöoy

Believe it or not, Spanish froyo brand Smöoy also has quite an international presence. Beyond Singapore, it has attracted plenty of followings in Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Mainland China, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Italy, the United Kingdom and France.

Wherever it is located though, Smöoy does what it’s known for best — lining our guts with low fat, high fiber and gluten yogurts in four flavours — natural, special (which changes every week), chocolate and cream.

Fresh fruits and toppings are available throughout the day, whether it’s from the comforts of our homes, or their pink and minimalistic stores across Singapore.

Check out Smöoy at 107 North Bridge Road, FUNAN, #B2-K09, S179105. Website | Instagram | Facebook.

5. Bulla

Photo: Bulla

For the unacquainted, Bulla is an Australian dairy company that specialises in producing all sorts of creams — from ice creams to table creams and sour creams — cheese AND yogurt in supermarkets such as Cold Storage.

With yogurts, Bulla offers them in tubs and frozen popsicles, which are what caught our attention.

Depending on your appetite, you can choose to have your yogurt in a 1L tub or a series of popsicles in normal or pocket-sized portions.

The flavour offerings are: strawberry, raspberry, passionfruit, and wildberry (at least in the local market).

Get Bulla’s range of yogurts at Cold Storage here. Website | Instagram.



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