5 Simple Tips For Completing The SAFRA Wheels & Feet Charity Challenge 2022

Easy ways to help you and your loved ones go the distance in this bike, blade, walk or run virtual sporting event.

By Chris Ong        13 April 2022

In case you missed it, this virtual sporting event for charity has kicked off! The first-ever SAFRA Wheels & Feet Charity Challenge is on from now till 28 May 2022.

Why it’s so awesome: You get to exercise and have fun walking, running, inline skating or cycling across distances ranging from 5 to 500 km indoors or outdoors, and raise funds for a good cause at the same time.

All you need to do is to find out the details here, then register here for the event. Proceeds go entirely to underprivileged families, youths and children under the President’s Challenge. You can also show some love by giving directly!

Worrying about all those kilometres that you need to clock? Don’t be. It’s all about completing the activity and distance you signed up for at your own time and pace and doing good for charity, and not about how fast you Usain-Bolt it through the event (unless that’s your personal fitness goal).

To help you and your squad (your kiddo can also get to join!) cross the finishing line, here are 5 ways to prep up proper before actually taking on the Challenge.

1. Haste makes waste

In your excitement in taking on the Challenge and trying out your favourite sport, you (or your energetic kiddo) might jump straight into the activity and burst out of the gates, fast and furious-like.

We appreciate the enthusiasm, but here’s our advice: There’s no need to rush it.

In the heat of hyped-up feels, remember that the event is cumulative – meaning that it’s about covering your chosen distance, on any day within the 50 days of the Challenge, from 9 April to 28 May 2022.

So, take your time to prep and practice. Speeding off into this event might end up being more detrimental than beneficial. You could start fast and end up too tired out to finish the run, walk or wheeling trip; lose your enthusiasm because you could not achieve the distance you wanted in the fastest time possible; or worse, end up injuring yourself accidentally trying to force yourself to be The Flash.

Remember: In signing up for and trying the Challenge, you are already a sporting hero with heart.

2. Practice makes better

It could be that you are a newbie at blading or cycling, or that you are out-of-form when it comes to walking or running long distances since you haven’t been actively doing so. But, don’t stress yourself out. No one is asking you for perfection – just that do the best that you can.

And, to do your best, means having to put in a little more time, effort and practice to get yourself up to speed and into your A-game.

Start clocking with a few warm-up runs first – take a casual ride through the park or hit the treadmill at the gym regularly for a while as you officially clock in the distance for the Challenge. Practice can help with letting you figure out your limits for covering long distances and train you to surpass them; get you more psyched and hyped; and prevent accidental injuries or over-straining yourself.

No working or extra sets of wheels for you or the fam to practice with? Then simply pop down to Bikes @ Waterway at SAFRA Punggol to rent some bicycles and rollerblades.

When you and your loved ones are feeling ready, then go ahead and do the good deed.

3. Familiarise yourself with the outdoors

This is for those who are attempting the event activities outdoors instead of indoors.

Even if you do put in the extra time to train at the gym or at home, do also make the time to get to know the jogging, cycling or blading routes, paths or trails that you want to travel on, especially if you do intend to complete the actual Challenge outside. Here’s one route for you to consider exploring: The Round Island Route: Phase 1!

It’s all about safety and also, efficiency. Getting to know and keeping to familiar routes helps to keep you (and your younger loved ones) from getting into accidental mishaps with members of the public and prevent you from getting lost when you venture out to unfamiliar and possibly isolated places over longer distances.

At the same time, sticking to a clear and recognisable path can aid in ensuring that you don’t run into unknown obstacles – a sudden construction site, an area where lots of people hang around or commute through, etc. –  hampering your efforts at completing your activity.

It will also be helpful for you to find out the weather on the day that you want to carry out your activity so that your endeavour doesn’t get thwarted by a predicted thunderstorm. If you are heading out to the parks, you can also check out the crowd conditions at various locations using NParks’ real-time map showing the visitorship levels of Singapore’s larger green spaces.

4. Pack & bring all your essentials

Whether you are doing the Challenge indoors or out, you need to have all the right stuff.

By stuff, we mean the right gear and equipment; running shoes, inline skates or bicycles, as well as your comfiest sports attire. Check the equipment – the last thing you need is to have a flat tyre while riding or discovering that you forgot to bring your top pair of running shoes when you reach the gym, stadium or park after work.

And, to fully gear up for your chosen event day, pack and take along a mini-sized backpack or waist pouch with everything that you will need if you are doing it outdoors, such as mobile phones, towels and other such essential items.

5. Try the challenge with friends or loved ones

What’s better than doing good for yourself and for others? Doing good together with your loved ones and mates.

Your other half and/or your kids (there’s a Family Challenge category); besties and colleagues; neighbours; buds from the running club, jogging community, inline skating or cycling group – basically, anyone you feel like taking on the Challenge with.

Having someone by your side can help motivate you, either with their supportive encouragement or having them engage you in a friendly competition. Imagine the fun times to be had with your crew cycling or blading, and exploring around the island for the 500km category!

SAFRA Wheels & Feet Charity Challenge is the first of a series of charity initiatives under SAFRA Cares, to commemorate 50 years of supporting NSmen.