Shuttler Service

Passion and altruism go hand in hand for badminton lover Mike Khoo.

By Edmund Wee      14 May 2019

What do you consider your strength as a volunteer?

I like to encourage people to step out and contribute.

How would you promote the spirit of volunteering?

The best way is to lead by example. There are many forms of volunteering, and it can be done in big or small ways. There may be people who are interested in volunteering their services but are unsure of how to go about doing it. If one leads by example, the rest are likely to be more willing to step forward and rise to the occasion.

Why do you think that volunteer work is important to the community?

Volunteer work is important because it helps to promote togetherness in any community. It also helps to “reduce barriers” between people by giving them more avenues to bond over an exhilarating game of badminton. This way, it fosters more mutual understanding and reduces potential conflicts.

What embodies the spirit of volunteerism?

Giving and not expecting anything in return. That really says it all.

To know more about the Social Badminton Club at SAFRA Tampines, visit www.safra.sg/interest-groups/social-badminton-club.


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