Safety First

Make your home safer with easy DIY solutions!

By Kelvin Low      16 June 2020

Door Latches

Of utmost importance is to secure heavy furniture to the wall just in case your child decides to climb them. While most solutions permanently fix the furniture’s position to the wall, a door chain can be mounted to the back of the furniture which allows you to easily move it for cleaning, yet remains strong enough to prevent it from completely tipping over.

You can also use a hook-style door latch, mounted out of reach from the kids, as a way to keep a door slightly open for ventilation (such as the bathroom door), but stop kids from fully opening the door.

Old Belts

You may use an old belt to secure your TV to the furniture, just install a hook to the television’s VESA mounts and latch your belt buckle on it. Screw the other end of the belt into the back of the furniture that the TV is standing on.

Used Bicycle Tubes

If you have a library in your home, here’s how to prevent your children from burying themselves under a pile of books. Just tie bike tyre inner tubes around the bookshelves, which prevents other books from falling out should your infant pull a book out.

Photo Credit: IKEA

Stickers and film

Glass is transparent, and kids will naturally want to reach for what’s behind the glass. Install shatter-proof frosted film over glass in glass cabinets, and consider adding stickers on glass at eye level, such as shower doors.

While these measures will help to prevent injuries, they are not meant to replace a watchful parent. As they grow older, it will be paramount to educate them about the dangers that lurk at home.

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