Parenting Hacks

Five tips all parents should know.

By Lucy Pek      10 May 2019

Attention mums and dads, these unique and practical tips can make things easier.

Catching Ice Cream Drip

A cold, sweet popsicle for the kids might be a happy treat, but it usually ends in a sticky mess. The solution? Stick one end of it through an empty muffin cup or cupcake holder, and stained clothes and floors will be a thing of the past.

Egg Crates For Bulb Storage

Don’t discard your egg crates when you’re done with them – they’re perfect for home improvement. They are ideal to cushion and store your festive ornaments (baubles) or spare light bulbs.

Rolling Your Clothes

Fold your garments and roll them into tubes, which not only helps save space but prevent creases and wrinkles. This hack comes in handy when you are travelling with your kids for a short weekend trip.

Fruit Slicer

Remember the egg slicer you bought aeons ago but hardly used? This brilliant kitchen gadget can be used to slice fruits too. We’re talking avocados, kiwis, bananas, strawberries and so forth. With it, parents no longer have to rely on just the knife when they want to create sun-kissed fruit salads for their kids. Works wonder for other foods too, including butter, mushrooms and cheese.

Cleaning Up Broken Glass With Bread

All of us have accidentally broken a bottle, jar or glass at some point in our lives. The conventional way is to pick up the big pieces and sweep away the rest. But more often than not, you’d miss those tiny, invisible shards. Tip: Take a slice of bread, carefully press it over the small pieces, and make a sweep over the area, clearing out glass dust.