Keeping The Relationship Alive

Tips to make you feel the love tonight.

By Kelvin Low      20 June 2019

All relationships go through ups and downs. Inevitably, it will seem like you have lost that initial spark you had with your partner, or feel that you are no longer as close. But if you want to maintain a strong connection in your long-term relationship, you have to understand that it is completely normal for couples to start to feel bored after a while.

Like fitness, a successful couple are usually the ones who do work on forging stronger bonds with their partners on a daily basis. Read on for a few tips to keep the spark alive in your relationship and remain together for years to come.

Communicate and comprehend

Relying on assumptions instead of facts is the best way to set yourself up for relationship failure. Common failure triggers include unmet expectations and misunderstandings. So, before you jump to conclusions, ask your partner about any issue.


Keep talking

Silence is not golden in a relationship. Sweeping the problem under a rug may lead to unresolved issues and build resentment toward each other. It all comes down to knowing how to talk to your partner. Be direct and honest without playing any games. The more you talk to each other, it will be easier to understand each other.

Be a little selfish

Are you taking care of yourself? Your wellness is always important. Watch your stress, take time to be with friends and get enough sleep everyday. Give yourself some time to do activities that helps you relax and not get so worked up over relationship issues.

A bucket list of new experiences, together

From traveling to new places, to starting a new hobby, a bucket list of new experiences will inspire the both of you to live life to its full potential. Making your life better can come in many shapes and forms, even activities that you used to love, but never get the time to do anymore. Sharing an activity with your partner can be fun too!

Seeing the world through your partner

Everyone is entitled to their own point of view. Failing to see through their unique perspective can be damaging to a relationship. Rather than see your partner’s differing views as a potential conflict, consider it an opportunity to learn more about them.

Don’t chase perfection

As we age, so does our behavior. It may make you find it uncomfortable, think again. Understanding and accepting the differences will make living together a much more interesting and fun experience. Always remind yourself why you entered the relationship in the first place!

Make love a habit

Preparing breakfast, coming home from work on time and spending time together are just some of the habits that express love and affection. For something to become a habit, it has to be a mindless behavior. Appreciating all the small things that your partner does for you, as well as returning the gesture, will ensure that your relationship will stay strong for years to come.


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