Safety First

Make your home safer with easy DIY solutions!

By Kelvin Low      16 June 2020

Children are curious by nature. They love to explore, which also means they put their fingers in places they shouldn’t. Proper safety measures and childproofing steps keep your family safe at home. While there are countless products out there specifically designed to child-proof a home, here are some easy ways of fashioning some yourself.

Pool noodle

Other than being a fun pool toy and a swimming aid, the pool noodle can be used in many ways. If you cut one length wise, it can work as a door pinch protector to prevent fingers from being crushed by the door swinging closed. Alternatively, you can force it around a door knob as a cover to protect your child’s head against bumps.

Brightly coloured noodles, taped around sharp furniture corners also acts as a corner protector. Pool noodles are also a great way to conceal wires for all your devices, away from the child’s eyes.


Lock cabinet handles with a string of carabiners, it’s a quick and easy way to keep out children, yet gain quick access to all the contents inside at a whim.

Twist Lid Container

A plastic twist lid container can be used to cover the door knob to prevent children from accidentally locking themselves in a room, yet easy enough for an adult to twist the container off and lock the door when needed.

All you need is to drill a hole that is big enough to fit the stem of the knob through, slip it on and reinstall the knob. This hack can also be used to cover up twist dials of microwaves and gas cooker hobs if you’re worried that kids can get to them too easily – remember to unplug the power and turn off the gas supply for additional peace of mind.


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