Men Of SAFRA: Kelvin Tan

The Chairman of the SAFRA Mount Faber Executive Committee believes that volunteering has moulded him into a better leader.

By Edmund Wee      4 September 2020

LTC (NS) Kelvin Tan, chairman of the SAFRA Mount Faber Executive Committee, shares his thoughts on volunteering and leadership.

What are you currently doing?

I’m a regional sales director of a global CX organisation, a leader in the technology of enabling our clients’ customers to feel remembered, heard and understood – to deliver “experience as a service” for our customers. As chairman of the SAFRA Mount Faber Executive Committee, I’ve the opportunity to work with extraordinary individuals. The Committee works closely with SAFRA staff, ensuring effective management of the club and that its services cater to a broader SAFRA membership, while curating offerings that attune to its PMET demographic. I’m also Vice Chairman of the SAFRA Digital Transformation Committee.

Name some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced.

The needs of our NSmen today are vastly different from that of five years ago, and they continue to evolve with time. However, SAFRA’s commitment to strengthen bonds and appreciate their contributions never changed, and this poses an enormous yet worthwhile challenge to ensure that our men are fully supported by the community.

Being part of Men of SAFRA, I firmly believe in being FUN [focused, unified and nimble] in order to relate, and in keeping myself constantly in tune to these everdynamic needs.

What made you choose to volunteer?

It started with an “innocent” call from a senior SAFRA staff member in 2000, I believe, pitching for me to volunteer with the SAFRA Youth Network Committee. I thought: Why not? And here we are.

LTC (NS) Kelvin Tan believes in the importance of teamwork and the wisdom of the collective.

Why is volunteering at SAFRA important?

Over the years, I discovered areas where I was able to value-add with my professional experience and role in the SAF. It’s beyond volunteering and giving back to the NS community; it’s the camaraderie forged with like-minded individuals that gives momentum. I’ve also grown to be a better leader. I’m able to coach and share my professional/army experiences, and learn and enjoyed my time volunteering.


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