Jobs For Juniors

SAFRA Family Day at KidZania Singapore brought SAFRA members and families together as they enjoyed role-playing and learning about careers.

By Yong Shu Chiang      30 November 2018

“Usually, the parents only just observe,” said Neo, who was with his wife and two sons aged four and seven. “It was great to spend time bonding today.”

It’s natural for parents to want their children to be confident. Confidence doesn’t come from never failing but from persevering to overcome failure. Besides support and protection, give your kids enough independence to try their best.

1. Give them responsibilities

Get your children to help with a meal or take care of a younger sibling. When they are able to fulfil their tasks, it boosts their self-worth and confidence. They will feel that they have an integral role to play in the family.

2. Ask for their opinion

It can be something as simple as planning dinner or reviewing a certain family rule. Letting your children know that their opinions matter gives them belief that they are able to impact the world around them.

3. Focus on the process

Remind your children that life is not about pursuing perfection but about making progress. We are all continually learning new life skills and that takes effort. Praise your children for putting in effort and making improvements. For more creative ideas and useful tips on parenting, please visit www.familiesforlife.sg.


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