Big Fun In The City

Despite the erratic weather, SAFRA members and their families were out in droves for a fun day at the Padang on CarFree Sunday.

By Angelia Seetoh      10 August 2018

The rain in the morning did not deter families from having fun on Sunday, 27 May, at the SAFRA Family Day Out, in conjunction with Families for Life Celebrations 2018. The day coincided with Car-Free Sunday, which meant the roads around the Padang were closed to traffic, and that families could stroll leisurely around the area without any worry. The SAFRA Family Day Out is a bonding opportunity for SAFRA members and their families to spend quality time together.

SAFRA organises around four such events a year to encourage active fatherhood and the building of strong family ties. As early as 8.30am, the Padang was buzzing with energy, where exuberant families were present despite the early morning drizzle and soggy ground. The event officially kicked off at 9am, starting with a free ice cream giveaway and sure-win lucky dip. In total, close to 1,000 families attended the event. To stay dry from the rain, families picnicked on mats given out by organisers or in the food tent surrounded by upbeat music. Once the rain subsided, they raced out to the numerous bouncy castles that lined the sides of the field.

Families For Life was mindful to have age category restrictions for the castles to prevent injury – so that older kids would not unintentionally hurt younger kids while playing. Carnival games, craft workshops, live music performances and Instagram booths were fringe activities aimed at keeping the entire family entertained. Eric and Sandra Oliveiro and their three kids – aged 9, 6 and 3 – were in line to try their hand at a game of archery. “This is a great way for us to spend Sunday as a family,” Eric said. “The kid-friendly festival atmosphere puts everyone in a great mood!”

Mother of two Madam Chua was sitting in the shade with the scooters of her two boys next to her, as they went off with their father to explore the games on offer. She said that this was their first time at Family Day Out, and hoped to attend future ones. “The location is great, and it’s good that it’s a big, open space. It’s very well organised – I like that there are many helpers at each bouncy castle, and the best part is that all the games are free. I am very impressed!” When night fell, the outdoor screening of the movie Zootopia was the best way to wind the day down. P. Supramaniam, there with his wife and two daughters, said this outing at the start of the school holidays was “a nice treat for the family”, and an excuse to bring the girls out. For more information, contact

Spending time with the extended family not only brings everyone closer together and forges stronger bonds, it’s also good for your overall well-being! Here are some ways to include extended family time into your schedule, with tips from Families for Life:

1. Family get-togethers

These can range from birthday celebrations or playdates to movie nights. Research has shown that children who spend more time with extended family members grow up with higher self-esteem and self-worth!

2. Short getaways

Plan a short trip nearby where everyone can be present and spend quality time together. Such getaways allow families to explore new sights, go on adventures, and create memorable moments together. If not overseas, how about a staycation instead?

3. Join in a family event

Check out activities for different family types – active, foodie or “chillax”. Take the opportunity to bond with the extended family. Why not start the ball rolling by joining a family event this September school holidays? For creative ideas and useful tips to spend family time, please visit