Better Together

Enjoy year-end celebratory meals with friends and family at these five eateries with halal-friendly and vegetarian options.

By Balvinder Sandhu      7 December 2018

Fill A Pita (Above)

3 Pickering Street, #01-29 Nankin Row

If you enjoy Middle Eastern food or meatless meals, this eatery, with its 100 per cent vegetarian menu, could be just right for you. This establishment doesn’t use eggs, butter or milk in its dishes, and many items on the menu are served without garlic and onion. Everything is prepared on site daily, except for its pita bread, which is sourced fresh every morning from a local bakery.

Choose from pita sandwich options such as eggplant, fava bean, tahini salad and even mashed potato. If you can’t decide, go for the falafel pita sandwich, which is a favourite. The menu includes side dishes, salads and desserts, as well as specials such as koshari, halloumi mix, lasagne and moussaka.

The Royals Steakhouse

10 Jalan Pisang

The Royals has been providing “hotel quality” cakes at affordable prices since 2003. It has been running its cafe in Upper East Coast Road, and opened this shophouse steakhouse along Jalan Pisang three years ago. The vision here is to serve premium-quality, halal-certified steak for discerning diners, with only fresh prime cuts of beef and lamb making it to the table.

To further enhance the dining experience, steaks come with gravy on the side, so that customers are able to appreciate the original flavour of the meat. Also on the menu are nonsteak choices such as pan-fried Norwegian salmon, three burgers – “The Royals” Bad Boy Burger, the Lamburghini and the Chicken Katsu Burger – as well as side dishes like salads, soup and baked potato.

Kucina Italian

11 Tanjong Katong Road, #B1-09/10 OneKM Mall

Helming this Italian “kucina” (which means kitchen in Italian) is a Muslim Italian chef with more than 20 years of experience. Get ready for an authentic Italian experience, starting with antipasti (appetisers), continuing with your mains, and finishing with the dolce (dessert). Take your pick of gnocchi, tortellini, ravioli or calzone from the pizza or primi pasta menu. There are also main dishes, including steak, chicken and fish, as well as risotto.

Wrap up your meal with a sweet ending of mouthwatering options such as tiramisu nutella, panna cotta, baked ricotta cheesecake and vanilla creme brulee.

The Malayan Council

71 Bussorah Street & 22 Dunlop Street

The food at this charming restaurant has been described as culinary results “when West meets Malaya”. Basically, the halal-certified menu consists of dishes of Western origins that are given a spicy, rich Malayan spin. The TMC Burger contains a char-grilled Angus beef patty with spicy sambal ikan bilis, and the Asam Pedas Fish n Chips.

The Malayan wings are a hot favourite – tender, juicy wings marinated with kicap chilli padi, guaranteed to make you go back for more. And the desserts include inventive takes on ondeh ondeh, putu piring and durian pengat. These traditional sweets are transformed into delectable cakes.