Gadget Longevity

Easy ways to prolong your devices’ usable lifespan.

By Kelvin Low      12 May 2020

Clean and care

Over time, dust gradually accumulates inside your devices and causes it to operate at higher than normal temperatures. Fortunately, a blast of compressed air is mostly harmless to most devices as long as you clean them when they are unplugged.

There are professional cleaning services for more complex devices if you are unsure of how to do it yourself, it may well be worth forking out a token than risk a permanently damaged device.

Consider the more expensive option

Spending more on appliances and electronics might save you money in the long run. While a budget friendly model may serve its purpose, the quality of materials used in the construction are dictated by price. Cheap capacitors and flimsy printed circuit boards are common failure points in electronics, thus it makes sense to spend a bit more for the sake of build quality.

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