Unheard, But Utterly Useful Gadgets

Unashamedly geeky? Fret not with these tinker toys.

By Kelvin Low      18 June 2019

Thousands of gadgets are introduced every year, some purely for entertainment, while others are geared to offer you a more fulfilling life. Here are our picks of five most useful gadgets you have never heard of, until now.

The Noonchi


Our first entry comes from our desire to workout 24/7/365. The Noonchi comes with 2 sets of resistance bands that can be attached onto various locations of the Noonchi, therefore providing endless types of workouts. It is adjustable to fit every chair size and every body type. Furthermore, this device can be placed under your feet for even more exercise options.



Nostalgia runs strong with us, and this will emulate any game console of the classic era. Powered by Raspberry Pi CM3L, Lyra doubles as a portable PC, allowing you to surf the net, or send emails while on the go. It can be hooked up to an external display, and allows for additional controllers on the USB. If you want to fully geek out, this handheld console comes with exposed GPIO pads for additional tinker-ability.

Czur Aura


Traditional flatbed scanners have gone the way of the dinosaur, or have been integrated into multi-function printers. However, this device can scan books, up to A3-sized documents and even objects with a tiny footprint. The smart scanner also makes it possible to digitize books without having to unbind them with smart “flattening”. It can automatically convert documents into editable Word documents or PDFs. It doubles as a versatile lamp, with four temperature settings and six brightness levels, plus a sound-controlled night light mode.

Langogo Genesis


If you love to travel, you’ll love to have a portable translator by your side. While smartphones have limited ability to translate languages, Langogo boasts streaming technology to process the translation up to four times faster, and adds a new level of accuracy with artificial intelligence with the Neural Machine Translation technology. This device will keep you connected on trips too, with an eSIM, international data plans and a Wi-Fi hotspot function which supports up to five devices.

Keymitt Smart Lock


All the benefits and convenience of a smart lock, while keeping the original door lock intact. With dual 128-bit AES Dynamic Key Encryption, it is digitally unbreakable. One can choose to unlock the door with a wave gesture on a smartphone, the door and enable auto-locking when leaving the house. Combined with a Wi-Fi Hub, one or many Keymitt smart locks can be remotely controlled, with the addition of third party integration with Google, Alexa and Siri.