Fitness Video Games

Consoles have come a long way, jump in and have fun!

By Kelvin Low      26 June 2020

Sports Party

Nintendo Switch
Single/Multi Player

Sports Party is a beach-themed sports game which brings the sun, sea, and sports to the console. Players can choose from multiple games ranging from frisbee, jet skiing, basketball, golf, skateboarding, and beach tennis.

You can play each sport in various modes and controls, including motion-control. Up to four players can play at home on the TV or in the tabletop mode. For on-the-go play, the handheld mode is also available with classic button control.

Beat Saber

Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, PlayStation VR
Single Player

Despite being a single player game, we feel that it’s worth mentioning the next generation of games that combine motion control and virtual reality (VR). Beat Saber is a VR game where players will need to pay close attention while the music plays, and use ‘sabers’ to chop blocks to the beat of the music.

Think of it as Jedi lightsaber training, but a lot more fun. It also tracks your body movement with a camera. Do note that it is not meant for kids under 12.

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