Game Master

Have a blast indoors with our choice picks of video games.

By Roland Quek        10 September 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

One of Nintendo’s newest iterations of the 20-year-old Animal Crossing franchise, New Horizons has been a big hit since its launch earlier this year. Players dive into a fantasy world as cartoon characters on a deserted island, where they start life with the natural resources. The aim is to build the island into a paradise commune of your dreams, as you take on myriad activities ranging from crafting and gardening to fishing and fruit harvesting.

Call Of Duty: Mobile

Launched in October 2019, this app is a free-to-download mobile game that allows players to combine their experiences from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series for the first time. It is available in two game modes – the main multiplayer 5-on-5 traditional match and the new “Battle Royale” mode that allows players to battle up to 100 people. The highlight of this app: You can connect your Xbox or PS4 console controller to play on your mobile phone, which lets you pair up with other people using controllers to play.

Brawl Stars

This mobile video game, which is developed by Finnish company Supercell, is a 3-versus-3 multiplayer app that can be played solo or with friends in various modes. The premise of the game: Two teams battle it out in various matches to complete a slew of objectives. At the end of each match, you’ll get to unlock the power of your brawlers, who are equipped with superpowers and powerful gadgets. An ideal game for those who enjoy short gaming sessions that pack a punch.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

A mobile multi-player online game released in 2016, it lets you take on 5-versus-5 battles to play matches against other players. Designed for the mobile phone, the game pits two teams who compete in three lanes to take down enemy defence towers in four jungle settings. Simply set up a team of five with your buddies, pick your favourite heroes, and off you go. This strategy and team based game lets you pick from various modes, including “human versus AI”.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Launched in March 2020, this Playstation 4 action role-playing game continues the tradition of the classic Final Fantasy series with its blockbuster storyline and iconic characters. Remake builds on a complex narrative of the big battle against an evil conglomerate called Shinra, featuring game lead ex-soldier Cloud Strife, who joins ecoterrorists to save the planet. Ideal if you fancy playing in an anime-inspired world filled with amazing visuals in real-time combat.