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EnergyOne Gyms offer a wide variety of personal training services for various age groups and needs.

By Yong Shu Chiang        26 January 2018

Most visitors to EnergyOne Gyms at all six SAFRA clubs would be aware of the well-maintained, cutting-edge training facilities and equipment available. Less well known, perhaps, is the variety of personal training services that the gym’s certified personal trainers can offer, and the fitness goals they can help you achieve.

EnergyOne fitness instructor Jason Chua says that personal training services can be useful for those new to exercise, or are resuming after a long break from it. They can also help people with a specific fitness or weight loss goal, and support athletes training for the specific sports they wish to excel in. Some gym users need a supervised programme to help them in recovering from an injury or health issue. “Usually, before we begin any programme of personal training, we will do an assessment,” he explains. “This could take 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the individual.”

During this process, the trainer would take note of the individual’s fitness level and health history, as well as decide on a personalised programme that would meet the fitness goals. Once a gym user has selected and confirmed a personal training programme, the trainer will also ask if he or she would like to train alone or in groups of friends or fellow gym users. “Usually, training in groups – pairs or teams of four or six – will help motivate everyone to reach his or her training goals,” says Jason.

Here are some specific training goals and Jason’s advice on how personal training, usually over a period of several months or more, can really help.


EnergyOne offers a variety of training programmes for those who need help in passing their IPPT, lasting anywhere from three to 12 weeks. One such training is the 10-session Physical Enhancement Programme, also known as PEP. Gym users may also take their IPPT at four of the six EnergyOne locations.

2. Weight Loss

Sometimes a focused plan over a period of, say, three months would be more effective in achieving a weight loss goal, especially if one has hit a plateau in training gains. Jason explains that training is typically formulated with a high-intensity interval training approach. “A few sessions a week, usually within an hour or so, may be sufficient,” he says.

3. Sports

Depending on the sport you play, your training goals and needs would differ accordingly. Certain sports require quick reflexes and lateral movements; others need more strength and flexibility. Whatever yoursport, whatever muscle groups you need to focus on, the personal trainer will be able to tailor a programme to your needs.

4. Rehabilitation

Jason has recently observed more injuries caused by those who push themselves past their physical limits, as more people have caught the fitness bug, in weight training or outdoor sports such as distance running or triathlons. A personal trainer can supervise a programme for those recovering from a serious health issue, such as stroke or heart disease, at a suitable pace. “Some patients prefer to train at the gym as they continue their recovery after being discharged from the hospital,” adds Jason

Energyone Gyms

At SAFRA clubs across the island, from Yishun, Tampines and Mount Faber to Toa Payoh, Jurong and Punggol, EnergyOne gyms are equipped with state-of-the-art resistance training equipment and cardio machines. They also offer personal training services by trainers who specialise in areas such as weight management, injury rehabilitation, sports-specific training, nutrition, martial arts and flexibility. For more information about personal training programmes at EnergyOne, please visit any EnergyOne gym or email