Basic Fitness Tips For Kids

Easy ways to introduce your kids to an active lifestyle!

By Kelvin Low      23 May 2019

Many parents will think of organized sports when they think of introducing fitness to their kids Though there are many advantages for a child to join a co-curricular activity as a sports team, practice and games once or twice a week will not be enough to reach a realistic fitness goals. Physical education lessons may start at school, but it doesn’t have to end there!

Limit screen time

Kids today don’t watch TV, but rather surf the Internet, or playing video games up to four or more hours each day. Before it develops into an addiction, step in and encourage active alternatives like a simple yoga stretching session. An old folk’s way to cure digital addiction is still widely practiced today: Removing computers from bedrooms and into the common space under supervision is a way to start.

Keep it simple

Most adult exercise can be too tough for the kids. Find moves that are hard enough that you feel like you’re getting some good exercise, but simple enough that the kids can mostly keep up. Jumping jacks, leg raises, pushups, squats are some basic moves to consider. Most importantly, let your children decide a workout by picking their favourite exercises, and then turn it into a circuit once they have the hang of the moves. Most importantly, don’t push them too hard – you want them to enjoy fitness as a lifestyle, not as a punishment.

Give them weights

While static body exercises will get them started, soon you’ll realize it’s time to introduce them to lift weights. While poor form can harm muscles and cause fractures, there is little chance of that happening when you start them with light weights such as water bottles, or even books.

Create a space

Having your own mini “gym” is such a great way to encourage the entire family to pick up a fitness habit. An organized “work space” is more efficient and makes working out sound more fun.

Digital temptation

Is the digital addiction all bad? Not so! An app is a great way to get a workout in and you can download it right on to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. You can even buy full-length exercise videos to play on the big screen as encouragement and guidance.

Feed them well

Always overlooked, a growing kid needs great nutrition and hydration – even more when you’re getting them started young. It’s highly recommended to educate them on the importance of a healthy diet as well, it is a life lesson they will never forget.