Fitness Video Games

Consoles have come a long way, jump in and have fun!

By Kelvin Low      26 June 2020

Fitness Boxing

Nintendo Switch
Single/Multi Player

As the name suggests, this is a boxing-based game, but with the added punch of popular beats. Rhythmic exercises are set to the instrumental beats of songs by popular artists. You can personalise your workouts by selecting from different fitness goals.

With 20 unlockable hit songs, the moves are pretty simple: punch and squat while gripping the Joy-Con controllers. Daily training ranges from 10 to 40 minutes and offers both Normal and Fast mode. The game software estimates your approximate BMI and daily calories burned so you can track your progress. Two players can enjoy working out cooperatively, as well as facing off against each other in a virtual ring.

Zumba Burn it Up!

Nintendo Switch
Single/Multi Player

Packed with groovy dance tracks, this game allows you to choose your dance style. This also determines the intensity of your workout, with a choice of fresh new routines and dance styles from around the world.

Featuring live-action visuals, they also respond to how you play and reward your efforts accordingly. Up to four players can join the dance sessions, with 30 classes that suit different fitness levels. They range from quick 15-minute workouts to hour-long dance marathons.


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