Digital Exercise

Leveraging technology to make workouts better.

By Kelvin Low      5 June 2020

You may also view pre-recorded live sessions if you’re unable to join at stipulated times. While most classes won’t require equipment apart from a gym mat and some weights, there are those that require gear like the Peloton Bike or the Mirror.

Premium classes have an edge over free streaming videos as the trainer will switch workouts for every session. You will never have the same routine, and therefore never get bored.


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Haus Athletics

A blend of HIIT inspired athletic based workouts, driven by music that is specifically curated for the workouts. Sticking to the group training format, group classes are held on Zoom. Four styles of workouts are available for different fitness goals.


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boOm Singapore

Featuring 45-minute classes that balance cardio and strength exercises, their exercises also incorporate high intensity intervals with functional movements. Three types of workouts are spread across the week, with two classes a day, on the Zoom platform.

Despite all advances, streaming fitness subscriptions are likely to not be the new norm, as personal trainers still have their place.

Personal Trainer “tele-xercising”

Personal trainers have too adapted to the Circuit Breaker period. One being Mr. William Ong, who conducts his Physical Toning and Zumba Dance sessions using the Zoom platform.

Before commencing the workout, he chats with his clients for about two minutes to know more about their health and fitness levels. With the majority of his clients being regulars, they are more accustomed to the way that his classes are conducted.

“Conducting classes online has its own share of problems”, William shares with eNSman. “The difficult part of conducting online classes are mostly from the video lag, as well as audio quality which affects the music and his instructions.”


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