Home Workout

Too busy to head to the gym? Here are simple yet effective workouts you can do at home.

By Kelvin Low      9 August 2019

If performed correctly and consistently, home workouts can be as good as a gym workout. Short of providing a thorough cardio workout, starting at home helps you to build muscles through resistance training. Here are the best exercises to target all areas of your body.


Push-Ups work out the upper body primarily the chest, shoulders, triceps as well as the core and back muscles. For the best results, add variety to the types of pushups you do. You can also follow a “pushup challenge“ where you gradually increase the number of pushups each week.

Arms and Shoulders

Moving on from push-ups, a variation called the Triangle Push-Up targets the triceps. For an easy bicep workout, perform curls with a large water bottle . With the same weights, you can also perform overhead presses and rows to workout the shoulders!


The Bent-over row is one good exercise to workout both the biceps as well as the back muscles. For a more focused back workout, the Superman exercise works out the entire back as you have to keep your arms and legs off the floor.


Once you are done with the Superman, you can push yourself off the floor on your elbows and keep your body straight for the quentensial plank. The basic core exercise is still the proven sit-up and crunches, but planking is a way of increasing the time-under-tension factor for ab muscles. Different variations target different areas of the core, so be sure to try them all!

Legs and Hips

The squat is a test of balance, core strength, and leg power. To workout the other group of leg muscles, you may choose to do forward lunges. As a bonus, both exercises also workout the hips and bum muscles. It is also very easy to master as you can start performing both workouts with assistance for balance.

Be Consistent

We’ve all heard it before, but consistent hard work leads to success. Attempting to train occasionally will only result in limited (or no) improvement and likely accompanied by discouragement. If you aim to workout at least four times a week, you’ll be on the right track in no time!