The Brand New EnergyOne Gym At SAFRA Yishun Is Your Gateway To Getting Fit

Come discover and work out with the new facilities available at this newly refurbished gym.

By Sean Tan        12 January 2021

Months of sitting down in your WFH arrangement is surely making you feel less fit and more unhealthy; if you are thinking of getting back into the groove of fitness, the best way is to sign yourself up for a gym membership so that you get enough inspiration to work out to your best ability.

EnergyOne Gym at SAFRA Yishun photo3
Photo: SAFRA

EnergyOne Gym, the flagship gym experience of SAFRA, provides all that you need to complete your fitness journey successfully, by providing state-of-the-art quality gymming equipment combined with trainers who are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals – all in modern environments with an energised vibe to inspire you.

In a bid to consistently upgrade itself, the EnergyOne Gym at SAFRA Yishun has undergone a facelift from 7 October 2020 and opened its doors to members on 28 December 2020. The brand new gym features contemporary settings with themed lighting to emphasize a vibrant, energetic vibe that welcomes its members to have a great workout, with clearly demarcated zones of cardio, free weights, functional, strength and MMA to cater to a wide array of fitness goals.

EnergyOne Gym at SAFRA Yishun photo2
Photo: SAFRA

There are also new equipment for members to explore, such as non-motorised treadmills, assault bikes, SkiErg and the functional cage. Whether you are looking for a cardio workout or just want to work off the excess flab around your tummy, you will be able to find a machine which is best suited to your needs.

The gym also has a new functional training ground, designed with a concept of a “fitness playground” to encourage workouts that train every core muscle group in the body. In the middle of this functional training ground is the eye-catching Naomi functional cage, where members can throw medicine balls on the target boards, practise punching and kicking on the punching bag, scale the fitness ladder and work on their core strength on the Roman chair or decline bench.

EnergyOne Gym at SAFRA Yishun photo5
Photo: SAFRA

To tie in their commitment of offering the best services to its members, EnergyOne Gym also has a collaboration with Onyx MMA, a professional MMA service provider with branches in Jurong and Tampines. They offer discounted prices on membership for EnergyOne Gym members with daily classes which include Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kid’s classes as well as Ironlab (outdoor classes). If you’ve always wanted to try Muay Thai, watch out for their upcoming schedule of lessons which will be announced soon.

If getting a quick and effective workout is your thing, EnergyOne Gym also conducts HIIT classes every Tuesday. These training sessions will incorporate functional movements over 45 minutes of high-intensity interval training, to help you achieve a high metabolic rate, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and lose fat – all in a short period of time.

EnergyOne Gym at SAFRA Yishun photo1
Photo: SAFRA

With its good mix of free weights, new machines and equipment plus the new functional training zone, the EnergyOne Gym at SAFRA Yishun is poised to be the flagship gymming experience at SAFRA. Its energetic surroundings sets the mood for a good workout anytime, so go ahead and sign up as a member now and kickstart your fitness journey!

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