Cohesion through fun and games at SAFRA

How 328 SCE had a great time at SAFRA Tampines

By Yong Shu Chiang      7 March 2019

“This was one of the most interesting cohesion events I’d been to. There was a good mix of activities. After the ICT training, this was a good bonding activity for everyone. I can see the many benefits for SAFRA members through this event. When I have kids, I will bring them to Punggol for Splash @ Kidz Amaze.” – Ethan Lee, 27

“The event was well planned, with many activities for everyone to take part in. It got everyone together to have fun as a group, especially since back in camp we were too preoccupied with training. We could bond and share details about our families and careers. In future, I’d like to try air rifle and rock climbing.” – Winson Tay, 26

After some serious training, what better than fun and games to end ICT training.


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