4 Activities To Get You Moving!

Get active by trying out a new experience!

By Steve Thio      15 November 2021

After two long years of working from home and safe distancing measures, we may have gotten into a routine thats become too familiar. Why not try a new activity that will reap you health benefits as well? Here are some fun experiences to try – and SAFRA members enjoy discounts at some of them as well.


Photo: Salt & Light Archery Facebook

If you’ve always imagined yourself as Robin Hood or Hawkeye from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then maybe it’s time to try your hand at archery! Its a sport that builds confidence, requires determination and patience, and trains your mental awareness as well. Perfecting your shot takes time, strength and training. And the best part of archery here is that it is an indoor leisure sport – no sweltering under the hot sun!

It is a competitive sport but you can choose to train and shoot at your own pace; best of all it can also be a fun group sport with family and friends.

If youre looking to try it out as a beginner, check out Salt & Light Archery at SAFRA Punggol which offers a Try-Out ($10 for 10 shots) or 1-hour Guided Funshoot session. Instructors will be on hand to guide you through your first shoot, and basic equipment will be provided.

SAFRA Members and Affiliated Members enjoy 10% discount off courses (i.e. Try-outs, Funshoot, Basic and Advance archery courses, Junior & Youth training programme and Funshoot packages) only.

SAFRA Punggol, 9 Sentul Cresent; more info at www.safra.sg/amenities-offerings/salt-light-archery

Roll Through Nature

Photo: Bikes@Waterway Facebook

Tired of your long walks up Bukit Timah Hill or along dense and humid forest trails? Try cycling! Instead of embarking on a tough ride, opt for a breezy cycling experience with your friends or family along the new Punggol Waterway with its expansive greenery and spectacular scenery. One of the more popular cycling routes for those looking to experience the natural outdoors, this route has become a must-do for both professional and leisure cyclists.

Have a smooth and easy ride along the Park Connector Network (PCN) and waterway route, then go further to explore Coney Island and Punggol Jetty. If you dont own a bicycle, or prefer to start cycling at Punggol PCN instead of from home, check out Bikes@Waterway at SAFRA Punggol. They have a wide variety of bicycles to pick from and rates are affordable.

SAFRA Members and Affiliated Members get 10% to 16% off on rentals depending on model of bicycle (excluding Family Bike) and skate rental at Bikes@Waterway.

SAFRA Punggol, 9 Sentul Cresent; more info at www.safra.sg/amenities-offerings/bikes-@-waterway

Fence It Out

Photo: Z Fencing Facebook

If youve always been impressed by fencers in their all-white outfits and their sleek and graceful movements, then maybe fencing could be a new sport to try! But dont be fooled by the beautiful moves and rhythms of fencing; it is a demanding sporting activity that requires a lot of mental discipline, analysis and observation, lightning fast reflexes, strength and power. You can learn it as a recreational activity, or proceed further into it as a competitive sport.

In fencing, there are three disciplines and three weapons – the foil, epee and sabre – and each comes with its own ancient history, techniques and rules. In a bout, you score a point when you hit your opposing partner without getting hit while duelling in a restricted and defined space. The more you hit the more points you gain. If the sport sounds dangerous, thats where the pristine all-white outfits come in – they are padded and designed to offer maximum protection to the wearer, along with the mask.

Interested? Sign up at Z Fencing Elite Academy at SAFRA Toa Payoh, which was started by an Olympian and three of Singapores best fencers. The academy has a 6,000 sq ft space with 10 electrical fencing pistes and impact protection flooring – the largest dedicated fencing facility in Singapore and the region.It has courses for kids and adults, and at different levels to suit your abilities.

SAFRA Toa Payoh, 293 Toa Payoh Lor 6 #04-01; more info at www.safra.sg/lifestyle/z-fencing

Throw Like A Pro

Before the advent of body combat and mixed martial arts (MMA), judo was quite a popular sport for those looking for some form of self-defence or martial arts practice. Famed for its fluid and spectacular throws (a technique employed frequently in many action movies), judo is also known for its grappling techniques, arm locks, choke holds and the famed ukemi techniques and philosophy.

If you find body combat frenetic and MMA a tad too vigorous and rough, then maybe judo would be a good fit for you as it focuses more on control than brute force. As a fun sport and intense exercise activity you can do on your own or with friends and family, judo has several levels that enable you to progress based on your own abilities.

Depending your preference, SA Judo Academy is the only club in Singapore that offers Recreational, Competitive and Self-defence programmes for both adults and children.

More info at www.sajudo.com

What new activities do you want to try? Share them with us at magnsman@sph.com.sg!