Your WFH Setup Dreams Are Made Of These!

Ways to turn your home office from ho-hum to humming. 

By Chris Ong        27 September 2021

Now that most of us will be spending much of our work hours at home due to the pandemic, maybe it’s time to rethink where you work. By that, we mean how your WFH space is configured and looks like, so that you can feel more at ease at home, working in your own personalised optimal conditions (also, it can help your Zoom meeting background appear much nicer).

Here are a few suggestions on how you can transform your WFH desk from meh to “me”, drab to dreamy.

The Jungalow Office

This is for those who have picked up (or intend to) the hipster-gone-mainstream hobby of growing all kinds of flora in and around the house. Instead of having a work desk that’s filled with the usual boring office paraphernalia, you can “landscape” your desk – in fact, your whole work area – with plants and flowers.

“Greening” your work space up can soften and turn it into your little home-based work sanctuary, helping you feel more chilled and relaxed as you work amongst your plant pets (the colour green’s known to help calm). Plus, breathing in all that oxygen can aid in freshening you up and boosting your productivity. Here’s how you can start your “jungle” project:

Tip 1: Situate your desk near an open window if you can, so that both you and your plants can get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. What’s more, having a view to the outside lets you look at more distant greenery to help relax your peepers and alleviate digital eye strain.

Tip 2: Get right-sized and interestingly designed vases to place on your desk (it’s prime estate after all). Opt for the Bagel Vase ($31.90) in white; a circular vessel good enough to hold a statement flower stalk or a bunch of foliage. Pair it with an equally pristine candelabra-looking vase ($22.90) to create that modern, minimalist vibe.

Photos: etch&bolts

Tip 3: Don’t just green your desk’s surface; green up the whole space around it. Doing so helps demarcate your work zone from the rest of your home; also, you can get to be surrounded by larger indoor plants such as ferns instead of just having token succulents parked on your desk.

Opt for Monstera deliciosa or Swiss cheese plant (from $89) or elephant ear plants (from $89); both have deep green leaves large enough to make you think you’re WFH in a (less urban) jungle. House them in a gorge pot, such as this ceramic Mullen indoor planter ($109) that’s available in a myriad of colours from pastel pink to shiny gold, to make your lush-lookers look extra luxe.

Photos: etch&bolts

All plants and products available from etch&bolts, multiple locations, www.etchandbolts.com; www.facebook.com/etchandbolts; www.instagram.com/etchandbolts

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The Tech Lab

If you are a complete techie, audiophile, private clubber or an e-sports athlete-in-training, then it makes sense to have a setup that’s your work desk by day, entertainment/gaming centre by night. Regardless, you need all the right gear to make your WFH setup, also your PFH (play from home) setup.

Gear 1: A fancy, souped-up sound system is a must for all of your cinematic, gaming, music and Zoom meeting needs; Sony’s V83D High Power Audio System with BLUETOOTH Technology ($869) is the monster you want on your side.

Photo: Sony

It can fill up the room with its Omnidirectional Party Sound; features pulsing multi-coloured Omnidirectional Party Light and Speaker Light so you can turn your room into your private club with multi-coloured waves and stripes; and even comes with a TAIKO drumming game mode so you and the fam can play a rhythmic game after work hours!

Oh, and yes, about work; you can always dial the system down to play some soothing music as you craft emails, and turn it up to hear, loud and clear, what your boss has got to say during Zoom meetings.

Gear 2: If you still want to tech it up and have crystal-clear music to soothe or stimulate you auditorily as you work, but don’t have the space or spare moolah for it, then you might want to settle for a “sound” (get it?) solution such as headphones. Sony’s limited edition Silent White WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones ($499) features industry-leading noise cancellation, ambient sound control (to let the essential noise through) and Speak-to-Chat smart technology so you can tell it to pause the music when your loved ones or co-workers call for you.

Photo: Sony

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Gear 3: Winners need a throne – and it would do you good to have one that’s made to support your hours at work and at play. APOL’s best-selling Kraken chair ($428) is one worthy of royalty; it’s fitted with the brand’s CloudTech Foam so it’s comfy and spacious enough to support most of you kings and queens (recommended for those 165 to 190cm in height and below 130kg in weight).

Photo: APOL

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The Artsy Work Studio

Don’t mind clutter? Need more visual inspo around you? Want a space that lets you express yourself? Then go to town with decorating your work area. And, it all doesn’t need to be job-related.

Pepper your desk space with your favourite toys, cover your walls with posters, photos or paintings, stack up books and magazines all around you — as long as you can keep organised or not be overly distracted by all of these stuff, you can do whatever you want to personalise your WFH environment into one that suits your working (and home) style best. Try these decorative styles and items to make work more fun, and more you.

Style 1 – Floral

Photos: Klosh

Keep your loose documents in an A4-sized Astrid Flower ring binder ($12.90) so you can be “pretty” organised. And, if you have a black thumb instead of green, then this preserved flower dome ($169.90) filled with roses coloured in an autumnal palette can aid in making your work room, bloom.

Style 2 – Illustrative

Photos: Klosh

Instead of staring blankly at a white wall during work, why not gaze upon some nice art instead to get visual inspiration? Whether it’s an A3 black-framed abstract art print, a white square-framed illustration of a happy cat atop a dresser, or an A3 matt gold-framed picture of a carefree beach vacay (all $39,90), it’s your wall space, so you can hang whatever you wish to make it your own personal gallery.

Style 3 – Inspirational

Photos: Klosh

Sometimes, we all need a few encouraging words to feel better. Might as well make those words big, bold, brightly-coloured and can light up our life (literally); this “Dream Big” neon sign ($510) can boost your confidence on those bad days at work. Prefer something more low-key and “homely”? Then the “A House Is Made From Bricks” wall plaque ($24.90) might just be your thing. And, while the “My To Do List” peg board ($19.90) is more a reminder than inspirational, it can still assist in keeping you focused on completing your office assignments.

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