6 Essential Tips For Your WFH Station

Where, what and how to create your ideal work space.

By Steve Thio      4 March 2021

These tips will help you present a more professional Work From Home (WFH) front for Zoom meetings, and also improve your overall wellness while going through those long virtual sessions.


Avoid large spaces and stick to a smaller room or a cosy corner within your home. This limits visual distractions and helps with the sound as well. And always pick a location near a power and WiFi source.


You always want to look your best for work meetings. You dont need to buy any fancy lights or lamps; just make sure when using the laptop, you are facing a window or natural source of daylight. The even and clear light will banish unsightly shadows.

If you have Zoom meetings in the evenings, use the same principle – face a light source that gives you the best overall flat lighting for the face. Avoid lighting that is directly overhead as this will cast deep shadows.

Make sure your light source doesnt create too much glare (that will strain your eyes) or reflections on your computer screen. Adjust your light source (if youre using a lamp) and desk position for the best lighting result.


What to avoid: Cluttered rooms and an unsightly mess.

If you are WFH and dont mind showing the interiors of your living abode for all to see, try to have your workstation or desk about 3 -5 feet away from a wall and sit with your back to it. This limits what the viewer sees of your home. Your laptop should not face a doorway or window: people unintentionally walking in and out of the room or passing by an open window can be quite distracting.


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